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Make the right choice for your farm dispersal sale

Expert advice can help you maximise your returns.

Every farmer loves a farm dispersal sale, whether it is to meet old friends, to grab a bargain or just for the bacon roll. Every farmer except the one responsible for the sale!

For them it can be a stressful event, full of important decisions and the responsibility to maximise income.

Despite how it might look to anyone turning up on the day, every farm dispersal sale comes with its own list of requirements, there’s no simple plan to follow.

So how do you achieve all the benefits and minimise the stress? And how do you get buyers to turn up?

Hobbs Parker Auctioneers LLP has more than 150 years’ experience.

As a company we conduct more than 200 auctions every year and our team of full- time auctioneers have regular contact with key players in the machinery industry, meaning we have the expert knowledge needed to ensure your sale runs smoothly.

As farmer Lucia Elliot comments, Hobbs Parker are “highly professional auctioneers with large audiences and fair rates”.

Everything begins with a phone call. Whether you’re on a deadline or mulling over your options, we begin by briefly talking through what needs to be sold.

Next we visit you. We appraise the items, view your site and discuss your requirements in more detail.

A number of factors are considered which will influence the next steps we take.

Considerations include:

1. How many items are you selling?
Are there enough for a standalone sale or do they need to be merged with another?

2. What are you trying to sell?
Is the equipment specialised and targeted to a specific market or more general?

3. What is your site’s capability?
Will it be practical to hold the sale on site or should we arrange transportation elsewhere?

4. Are you in a hurry?
For many, we are contacted because there’s an interest in a dispersal sale and you’re considering your options, but if there’s been a change of circumstances there can be a need to carry out the sale to a tight deadline.

The majority of farm dispersal sales take place during the spring and autumn – to fit in around the agricultural calendar – but sales do take place all year around and we’ve successfully cleared a property within a month before.

At peak times our team can be involved in up to six auctions per week, giving us greater opportunity to pitch your equipment at the right time, balancing supply and demand to put the right items in front of the right buyers. This is made easier by our database of more than 40,000 potential customers whom we can selectively target to promote the specialist nature of each individual sale – and that’s not the only way we contact people. Our regular livestock auctions keep us very much in contact with our customer base, meaning we personally know many of the people we are inviting to our sales.

This allows us to be confident in our approach to each sale, getting the best price from each opportunity and helping each seller to agree terms that meet their needs.

Whether you are restructuring your business, renewing equipment or retiring from work, farm dispersal sales can be an invaluable way to dispose of unwanted equipment and generate important cash proceeds. Hobbs Parker’s team of auctioneers has considerable experience in running sales for everything from machinery to livestock, with individuals specialising in all aspects of UK agriculture.