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Delinking could drive diversification and land sales

What impact will delinking have on farm use and decisions about ownership?

Written by Jon Rimmer

Delinking looks set to be a major change of the Agriculture Bill as payments to current recipients will no longer be conditional on remaining in farming.

Consultation on this issue is expected later this year, but the Government’s ambition appears to be accelerating change in the industry. It could result in freeing up land that could attract new entrants or see existing businesses expand.

Once we know how delinking will work, the team at Hobbs Parker Property Consultants will be able to advise clients more clearly. There is a clear intention to delink and reduce payments and encourage farmers to consider using land in different ways. For some this will be of interest but it may not be for everyone. Alternative income streams from diversification or development may be appropriate which in turn could require planning advice.

These changes along with the threat of potential changes to the taxation regime within agriculture may also lead to some considering their long term position and consider ceasing farming altogether. Early advice is essential to consider the best strategy that consider all of the implications.

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