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What a year!

Here at Hobbs Parker, like many businesses, we have managed to overcome some serious challenges due to Covid-19.

Written by Sam Snart

We have continued to support and advise our clients, whether this is in the livestock market, selling property, or undertaking professional work.

We have a great team of professionals and they have worked hard to deliver the same high levels of service, despite working from home for long periods or working in difficult circumstances.

Within the last twelve months, we welcomed Karen Ross and Charlotte Bromley who joined as graduate surveyors and will help to further strengthen the team and support our investment in the future of the business.
In our property consultancy team, we continue to undertake a diverse range of work.

To give you a flavour of this, in the last ten months we have completed nearly 140 planning related applications and valued upwards of £60 million worth of property and achieved almost a 100% percent success rate with AMC loan applications.

Our development consultancy had a very busy and successful year handling land sales involving nearly 1800 new homes totalling nearly £100m in land value.

We recognise that this year has been extremely challenging for our farming clients, with extreme weather and disappointing crop yields and the Hobbs Parker team remain available to support you and your businesses through this difficult time.

Let’s hope 2021 bring a little more normality and better fortunes.

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