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Agricultural Occupancy Condition

Permission to sell? There’s one condition

Supporting applications to remove the agricultural occupancy condition.

Family decisions from days gone by can have a lasting impact on farms today, as has recently been discovered by a number of families who have found reason to ask Hobbs Parker Property Consultants for advice.

From the 1950s there was an increase in demand for agricultural workers. Combine this with the natural wish of farmers to be succeeded by their children and there was a surge in the number of homes gaining permission for their offspring or other agricultural workers on farms.

These homes were usually small bungalows and invariably had a planning condition imposed to restrict their occupation to people employed in agriculture. That was fine at the time, but more than half a century later those residents are retiring and their children often no longer wish to follow in their footsteps (if the farm is still there), meaning the home needs to be sold. However, the agricultural occupancy condition often makes it harder to sell by reducing the pool of buyers and in some cases can see the value of the house dropping by around 25-30 per cent.

That’s where we come in, reviewing the situation and submitting planning applications to remove the condition, having achieved several successes this year.

Despite the changing face of farming, there are also farmers who are continuing to expand and we can advise farmers in connection with obtaining permission to build new homes on their land for the future farming generation.

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