Chartered Surveyors and Land Agents

A full range of rural professional services for land owners and occupiers

We have been helping farmers and landowners make the most of their property assets since the days of the horse and cart. Whatever it is that you might need, we have the people with the necessary experience and knowledge to help you.

Probate Valuations

When somebody who owns property unfortunately dies, a valuation is required so that the executors of the will can apply for probate, before that property is released to the beneficiaries of the estate. This can prove complicated and difficult for the executors, particularly where it includes farms and rural property.

We have an experienced team of RICS-qualified valuers who will be able to help you bring it all together in one clear valuation report.

This report can then be readily used by the executors and your solicitors to complete the probate process.

RICS Professional Property Valuations

If you own a farm, rural property with land, or just land, you will almost certainly at some stage require a formal valuation. This might be for tax calculations, insurance quotes or claims, business asset restructuring, family gifts, land sales, or rental valuations to name but a few.

Our team of RICS-qualified valuers has a vast amount of experience and comparable evidence to draw on the help you. We will put together a professional RICS “Red Book” valuation report for whichever purpose you need. The “Red Book” valuation is a professional standard recognised throughout the property industry and can be relied upon.

Compulsory Purchase Compensation and Advice

When a Compulsory Purchase Order arrives on your mat it can be a bit of a shock. The Order may inform you that a new road, railway, gas pipeline, water main, or electricity cable is planned to across your land. This is not a request to buy your land but an order informing you that it is compulsory.

It is very important that you receive the correct advice, at an early stage, to ensure you receive the appropriate compensation for the sale of that land, as well as payments for the loss of crops, and disturbance to your business and contractors' working compounds. The legislation is complex but with good advice and negotiation, we can help you make the most of the situation.

We have helped land owners do just that when their land was needed for the construction of the M20 motorway, M25 widening, the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, and local roads such as the A2070 and A21 bypass, together with numerous pipelines and other utility infrastructure. We have the necessary experience to help you through the whole process and what’s more the infrastructure company almost always pays our fees on your behalf.

Diversification and Environmental Schemes and Grants

Farming is changing and so is the financial support offered to farmers. When you are considering the future of your farm and how to ensure that it remains profitable, diversification and environmental payments and grants may well provide the key.

As with all Government legislation, it tends to be complex and the devil is in the detail. We have an experienced team of professional Chartered Surveyors who are up to speed with it all and can help you plan your farming future. Often a walk around the farm and chat at the kitchen table can open up ideas and opportunities for your farming future.

Farming Agreements and Tenancies

Farms in England are occupied and farmed under many different legal agreements. These can be long-term or for just a season or two. The various agreements fall under different areas of legislation and it is important to make sure, whether you are a tenant or a landlord, that you have received good sound advice before you enter or grant a tenancy.

We have been handling these types of agreements for more years than anyone here can remember! Whatever you are looking to arrange we can help you.

Renewable Energy Projects

It is unlikely to have escaped your notice that Climate Change is upon us. This is top of the political agenda and is providing opportunities for landowners to diversify their land use with renewable energy projects.

We have successfully helped clients with wind farms, battery storage units, biomass facilities, and recently the lease of land for the biggest solar farm in Europe. As you can imagine, ensuring that you have the appropriate legal agreement in place with the energy company, and at the right price, is paramount to the success of the project for you and your farm.

This is a relatively new industry and is growing fast. If you have been approached or are considering such a project then advice from our team may make a big difference to a successful outcome.

Farm Finance and Bank Borrowing

People who are not involved with farming rarely appreciate how much money and risk-taking are required to be a successful farmer. Fortune favours the brave they say. Investing in buildings, technology, machinery, and infrastructure on the farm is commonplace and necessary for the forward-looking farmer.

Getting the right deal with your bank is as important as the purchases you make. We are able to help you through this process, assessing the proposed project, helping you negotiate the right deal with your lender, and arrange for the appropriate security.

Farm and Estate Planning and Management

In order to successfully manage a farm or an estate, the owner must have a very broad knowledge of the law, tax, agriculture, forestry, planning, building, machinery, and the weather! We can’t promise to help with the weather but our experienced team of professional Chartered Surveyors do have a wealth of knowledge across the board and if you need a little advice with any issues that arise on the farm then chances are we can help.

Sometimes it helps just to spend some time talking through the challenges and opportunities, providing food for thought. At other times we can help negotiate or organise on your behalf - whatever you need.

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