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Historic Property Auction Particulars — Mersham 1878

Particulars and Conditions of Sale of 21 Acres of Land and Eight Cottages in Mersham

Written by Roger Lightfoot

These have been hanging on the wall in our boardroom for as long as I can remember.

I recently happened to ‘bump into’ two of the current owners of the cottages when I gave a talk on the history of Ashford Market to the Mersham History Society at The Farriers Arms pub a few months ago.

They asked if I could make a copy for them. Earlier today I carefully removed them from their frame. They are very delicate and sadly the paper tore a little. So I thought I should scan them to save a record for the future.

Here is a link to a PDF version of the full particulars:

P.S. Mr Bedo Hobbs was my great, great great grandfather. William and Bedo Hobbs started W & B Hobbs in 1850.

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