Land off Swanstree Avenue, Sittingbourne

Appeal decision
Despatch Cover Letter - Gladman Developments - 05 May 2023
S106 Agreement (signed all)
Affordable Housing Statement
Final Transport Assessment
Proposed Access Arrangements
Final Travel Plan
Indicative Drainage Strategy
Response to LLFA
Flood Risk Assessment
Development Framework
Location Plan
Arboricultural Assessment
Badger Survey Report Final
Bat Survey Report
Bird Report Final
Design and Access Statement
Ecological Appraisal
Landscape and Visual Assessment
Reptile Survey Report
Prelim BNG Assessment
Planning Application Covering Letter
Planning Statement
Response to Rural Planning Limited - Sittingbourne
Archaeological Desk Based Assessment
Socio-Economic Sustainability Statement
Statement of Community Involvement
Air Quaility Assessment
Noise Assessment Report
Clay Testing
Consultee Response
Mineral Resource Assessment
Topographical Survey S14-262-1 RevA
Topographical Survey S14-262-2 RevA
Topographical Survey S14-262-3 RevA
Topographical Survey S14-262-4 RevA
Topographical Survey S14-262-5 RevA
Official Copy (Register) - K882272
Register K882272
Register Plan K433166
Title K882272-unlocked
DRA-23-1577 Swanstree Avenue, Sittingbourne
Soakaway Letter Final
Swanstree Avenue Sittingbourne (Issued)
Environment Agency
EXA Infrastructure
Instalcom - CenturyLink, Global Crossing, Fibernet and Fiberspan
Instalcom - SOTA
Kent County Council
Line Search Before Udig
Neos Networks
Southern Gas Networks
Southern Water
UK Power Networks
Utility Assets
Southern Water Response Letter for Sittingbourne, Kent
MU3684 Swanstree Avenue Budget Utility Tender 22.05.23
MU3685 Swanstree Avenue Budget Utility Tender 22.05.23
Provisional Sums to assist you with your budget
SGN Capacity Check Response for Sittingbourne
Highway Result
Sittingbourne - LOR Schedule
AHA - Draft LOR
Enzygo - Draft LOR
JLP Surveying - Draft LOR
FPCR - Draft LOR
RPS - Draft LOR
Wardell Armstrong - Draft LOR
New Boundary Plan
Private Services to Farm
Openreach Diversion Response
UKPN Diversion Estimate
UKPN POC Quote and Design (413 kVA)
UKPN POC Quote and Design (464 kVA)