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Hamstreet Woods

Ham Street Woods National Nature Reserve is a spectacular ancient woodland and the perfect place to take relaxing, tranquil woodland walks.

These delightful woods are part of Orlestone Forest, a fragmented area of woodland that is the remnant of a continuous oak forest that once covered the Weald.

The reserve is actively managed in a traditional way and is home to a plethora of rare and interesting species of wildlife including moths and butterflies, breeding birds such as the nightingale and hawfinch. It is also home to 2 protected species including the great crested newt and the dormouse.

The site is also of archaeological interest and contains many well preserved earthworks including a medieval ditch and bank system and the remains of a staggered medieval dam.

For those who like to ramble, there are two trails that pass through the reserve; the Saxon Shore Way and the Greensands Way (varying between 2.5 and 5 kilometres). The site makes good use of the numerous footpaths, bridleways and long distance trails that run through the reserve, to offer three circular walks to enjoy.

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