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Telisha Tai Chi

Tai chi is a traditional martial art that combines physical, external movements with the meditative internal to create many health benefits.

Tai chi is good for balance, co-ordination, flexibility, muscle strength, cardiovascular health, relaxation and general well being. It is a gentle exercise and is accessible to all which makes it adaptable to suit all ages and abilities.

As a martial art it is characterized by offensive and defensive techniques, through practice one can learn the movements as self defence. Whilst appearing gentle and calm as well as being a perfect way to relax the mind and body, Tai chi can defeat a powerful opponent through various movements and techniques.

It is a demanding activity in terms of body strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility, each of these become more apparent with practice. The mind and breath are connected to each Tai chi movement so that strength is maximised in unity.

If you’d like to learn more, why not visit the Telisha Tai Chi beginners group which is held every Friday from 6-7 pm at the Old Vicarage in Challock.

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