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Kent Gliding Club

Take to the skies and enjoy the beautiful Kentish landscape from the air with the Kent Gliding Club.

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Most of us will have looked up on a summer’s day and seen the gentle, graceful turn of a sailplane high in the sky. The fascination of silent flight, seeking thermals and climbing up to the clouds is not easily described. Nor is the achievement of managing to stay high in the sky, without an engine, for an hour or more. Above Challock there are magnificent views over the North Downs and the Weald of Kent. On a clear day you can see as far as Southend and the coast of France in one 360° turn!

From your very first lesson, with an instructor to guide you, you are “hands on”, and in the ensuing flights you will gradually learn how the controls work, coordination of the stick and rudder, keeping the wings level and making gentle, graceful turns.

All of your training leads to your first goal – going solo. Once you are flying well and consistently, the big day arrives and after several check flights your instructor sends you off on your own.

They say the best landing you ever make is on your first solo flight! so why not try something new and try an adventurous glider flight?

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