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The Kent & East Sussex Railway

Step back in time as you jump aboard the original steam trains which delightfully carry its passengers down the line from Tenterden in Kent to Bodiam in East Sussex.

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Sit back, relax and marvel at the breathtaking Kentish scenery that passes you by as you ‘click and clack’ along the restored track between the Kentish town of Tenterden and the current final destination of Bodiam in East Sussex.

It is with thanks to the enthusiasts who took over the line years after it closed in the 1950s that the first mile and a half of the of the journey has since been restored. Now, the last half mile the of track coming the other way, back from Robertsbridge, is nearing completion and has sent hopes soaring that the missing three miles could finally be completed so that visitors can enjoy a track that was last used more than half a century ago.

During your visit, you can leisurely hop on and off the train at stations including Rolvenden, Wittersham Road and Northiam or you can simply continue your journey along to Bodiam where you can enjoy the sights of Bodiam Castle and sample the tasty treats at the Castle Inn.

This is certainly a must see attraction for all train enthusiasts whether young or old!


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