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What does No Major Faults mean?

A definition of ‘No Major Faults’ for vehicles sold at our auctions.

We want you to be happy with any vehicle you buy from us so we are very careful to describe vehicles fairly.

Cars that are offered with a red window ticket featuring the words No Major Faults are being sold without any major faults other than those that may have been declared by the vendor or noted by our auction team.

If you buy a vehicle that is sold With No Major faults and you believe that the vehicle has a problem with it then you need to bring this to our attention within one hour of the completed purchase. The vehicle must also be available for inspection at the Auctioneers premises at the time of any complaint.

Our view is that allowing for no more than reasonable wear and tear commensurate with age and mileage of the vehicle the following should be functioning correctly:

Engine, gearbox, final drive, power steering unit, brakes, engine cooling system, air conditioning (where fitted), central locking, suspension, fuel systems and all major electrical systems, (excluding immobiliser, anti-theft alarm, radio, battery and minor defects such as bulbs)

Please refer to the Purchasers Protection Schemes (Indemnity) Clause in Terms and Conditions of our Entry Forms for full details.

If you need further advice on this please call our office and we will be pleased to help you.

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