Costs for Sellers and Buyers

Find out how much it costs to buy or sell a car or commercial vehicle at one of our auctions, including sales commission and buyer’s fees.

Seller’s Fees (VAT Applies to All Fees)

Entry Fee (All vehicles)

£30 per auction.

Commission (Sold Vehicles)

Cars – 5% of the sale price (subject to a minimum of £99 and a maximum of £250).

Commercial Vehicles – £25 plus 10% of the sale price (subject to a minimum of £75).

Classic Cars – 10% of the sale price.

Unsold Vehicles

Your vehicle will usually make its best price in the first auction. If your vehicle does not sell and our auctioneer considers the reserve price realistic, then it will be offered for sale in a second sale at our sole discretion.

If a vehicle is unsold after two attempts, it must be collected within two working days. Vehicles left at the auction site beyond this will be charged a storage charge of £20.00 per day.

Payment is made to sellers for sold vehicles by cheque only.

Buyer’s Fees (VAT Applies to All Fees)

A Purchasers Protection Scheme Indemnity Fee (Buyer’s Fee) will be added to the bid price of all sold vehicles as set out below:

For our Classic Car Auctions, the Buyer’s Fee is 10% of the sale price, subject to a minimum of £100.

Buyer’s Fees for our other auctions are shown in the table below. General Sales include Tuesday and Thursday Evening Sales and Commercial Vehicles. Special Sales include Sports and High Performance Sales, 4WD, SUV & MPV, Bank Holiday, Christmas, Convertible, Prestige and all other ‘themed’ auctions.

Sale PriceGeneral SalesSpecial Sales
£0 to £499£180£200
£500 to £999£205£225
£1,000 to £1,499£240£270
£1,500 to £1,999£260£290
£2,000 to £2,999£290£320
£3,000 to £3,999£300£340
£4,000 to £4,999£310£370
£5,000 to £5,999£320£380
£6,000 to £6,999£330£390
£7,000 to £7,999£340£400
£8,000 to £8,999£350£410
£9,000 to £9,999£360£420
£10,000 to £10,999£370£430
£11,000 to £11,999£380£440
£12,000 to £12,999£390£450
£13,000 to £13,999£400£460
£14,000 to £14,999£410£470
£15,000 and above£420£480

Vehicle collection and delivery charges

By arrangement depending on the number of vehicles and location. Please telephone for further advice or a quotation.

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