Jamie Walker

Associate Director

I'm a bit of a soft-touch for a classic Beemer!

There’s no other way to say it, I am a car nut!

Before joining the Car Auctions team in 2015 as a Graduate, I had been blessed / cursed with a brain seemingly capable of storing facts and figures for countless cars that had served no purpose other than obstructing my studies and boring friends to tears.

However, at Hobbs Parker I found a career which not only allows me to put my knowledge of vehicles from all along the spectrum to good use but best of all surrounds me with like-minded colleagues and customers in a fantastic working atmosphere.

My particular specialisms include the ‘nineties’ and ‘noughties’ BMWs coupled with modern classics from German manufacturers (can you spot the pattern?). I can admire the engineering and attention to detail these marques devoted to their cars during the period.

Despite being the youngest member of the car auctions team, I relish the opportunity to take on new and important responsibilities including managing key main dealership accounts and ensuring our stock is advertised in the best possible way.

Outside of the office, I am slowly but surely working my way through the Formula 1 calendar, next stop is France and a win for Red Bull I hope! Plus I’ll be getting behind the wheel on track myself this year to explore the capabilities of my own project BMW 330Ci.

When I finally hang the car keys up I enjoy sampling real Ales in pubs around Kent and then cooking at home with friends and family.