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FAQ’s for Buyers at our Marine Auctions at Ramsgate Marina

How do I buy something at Ramsgate Marine Auction?

Jon Chapman

Jon Chapman
MD and Auctioneer

We look forward to welcoming you to our auction.

Sold as Seen

I feel that it is important to point this out first. Everything is ‘Sold as Seen’ and no complaints on any items will be entertained. The 1979 Sale of Goods Act does not apply.

Payment – Debit Card Only

Payment must be made on the day of the sale and can only be made by a debit card.

We do not accept credit cards, cheques or cash.

Viewing Boats

Viewing times for boats will be published on our website here.

Boats will normally be in the harbour or in the boatyard at Ramsgate Marina. Very occasionally a boat may not be at Ramsgate and moored elsewhere. This will be made very clear on our website.

Do please check before travelling any distance.

Viewing to be arranged through the auctioneers not the Harbour Office.

Viewing Small / Miscellaneous Items

These items will only be available to view on the day of the auction. Please click here for further details.


Catalogues are available from the Harbour Office on the auction day. A small charge is made for a catalogue and this is donated to the RNLI.

Register to bid

If you are thinking of bidding in the auction you must register to bid first. This is really simple and only takes a minute or two. Registration is in the Harbour Office.

Complete a ‘Bidders Registration Form’ which consists of your name and address, telephone number and email address. You will also be asked to provide a form of ID such as your driving licence or passport. You will then be given a bidders number.


Bidding is easy. Just hold your hand up so the auctioneer can clearly see you.

It’s not all nods and winks!

Try not to be nervous and don’t think that everyone is watching you. They’re not. They’re watching me!

If you are the last bidder when the hammer falls, you’ve been successful and bought it! (See Note 1 below)

Hold up your bidding number so the auctioneer can see it.

Please remember that bidding in auction forms a legally binding contract.


All purchases at the auction are subject to 12.5% + VAT Buyer’s Premium. (VAT is on the Buyer’s Premium, not the item/boat). A minimum Buyer’s Fee of £100 plus VAT applies to boats only.


Buy an outboard motor for £100 — Buyers Premium £12.50 + VAT (= £15.00) — Invoice total £115

Buy a boat for £10,000 Buyers fee £1,250 + VAT (= £1,500)– Invoice total £11,500

The details of your bid and what you have bought will then be passed to the office where your invoice will be prepared. This usually takes ten minutes or so. You can then make your way to the Harbour Office and pay your bill.

Remember: Payment can only be made by a debit card. We do not accept cash or credit cards. Sorry, no exceptions whatsoever.

Your invoice must be paid in full at the latest within one hour of the end of the auction.

Collection of Miscellaneous Items

All miscellaneous items must be removed as soon as you have paid for them. There are no storage facilities at the marina and miscellaneous items cannot be left at the marina.

Collection of Boats

Ramsgate Marina will kindly give buyers of boats two weeks to remove them or agree to take up a mooring at the marina. After the two week period, you will be charged at the Marina’s standard rate. Please speak to the Ramsgate Marina Harbour Office for up-to-date moorage rates.

Note 1 – Provisional Bids

Occasionally you may hear the auctioneer refer to a bid as a ‘provisional bid’. This simply means that that particular LOT may have a reserve price in place and the bidding has not quite reached the seller’s expectations. In this case, we may need to negotiate further with the seller (and possibly the bidder) to confirm the sale price. Provisional bids are usually accepted outright without further negotiation. Buyers are legally bound by a provisional bid in the event that the seller agrees to the sale.