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Terms and Conditions for Auctions

Please read the relevant terms and conditions before you bid at one of our online auctions

Online Auctions

Important Note

By bidding at one of our online auctions you are deemed to have agreed with our Terms and Conditions.

Hobbs Parker Car Auctions LLP

Terms and conditions for our car auctions may be viewed here.

Hobbs Parker Auctioneers LLP

Each auction will have its own dedicated terms and conditions.

These can be viewed by clicking the “Terms and Conditions” button for the auction you are interested in on our online bidding platform.

Physical Auctions at Ashford Market and Other Locations

Hobbs Parker Auctioneers LLP

Collective Farm and Garden Machinery Auctions

Livestock Auctions – Please refer to the Terms and Conditions displayed at Ashford Market and in our printed catalogues.