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Collective Machinery and Equipment sale

Friday 16th Aug 2019 - Starts at 10:00am

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Lot 1


Festool 496824 table profile MFT/3-TP 2000 LA (VAT Applies)

Lot 2


Evolution RAGE5-S/1 110v 255mm table saw (VAT Applies)

Lot 3


Evolution EVOEDC 240V 305mm electric disc cutter (VAT Applies)

Lot 4


Evolution EVO180 metal cutting circular saw 240v (VAT Applies)

Lot 5


Evolution RAGE5-S/2 240v table saw (VAT Applies)

Lot 6


Makita 824985-4 carry case (VAT Applies)

Lot 7


Bosch L-Boxx136 carry case size 136 (VAT Applies)

Lot 8


Silverline 357345 DIY 2hp air compressor 1500W 50Ltr (VAT Applies)

Lot 9


Silverline 380736 MIG/MAG combination gas/no gas welder (VAT Applies)

Lot 10


Festool 492100 sliding table-ST for the CS50 (VAT Applies)

Lot 11


Festool 488062 stopper for the CS 70 LA (VAT Applies)

Lot 12


Evolution RAGE5-S/1 110v 255mm multipurpose table saw (VAT Applies)

Lot 13


Trend VJS/G/35 Varijig system cross cut guide 900mm (VAT Applies)

Lot 14


Trend SM/PRO Scriber master pro (VAT Applies)

Lot 15


Makita LS1018L/2 240v 260mm sliding mitre saw (VAT Applies)

Lot 16


240v 355mm portable cut off saw (VAT Applies)

Lot 17


Trend SM/PRO Scriber master pro (VAT Applies)

Lot 18


Sealey EH15001 industrial fan heater 15kW 415V 3PH (VAT Applies)

Lot 19


Sealey EH30001 industrial fan heater 30kW 415V 3ph (VAT Applies)

Lot 20


Makita LS1219L/2 240v 305mm sliding compound mitre saw (VAT Applies)

Lot 21


Makita 2012NB/2 240v portable planer thicknesser (VAT Applies)

Lot 22


Unika COMBIJIG combi hinge and lock jig (VAT Applies)

Lot 23


Alfra RS230 110v Rotaspeed 230mm cutting circular saw (VAT Applies)

Lot 24


Metabo MPTSPAFILT fine filter 0.2 micron for spa 1200 (VAT Applies)

Lot 25


Makita LS1018L/1 110v 260mm slide compound mitre saw c/w laser (VAT Applies)

Lot 26


Sealey PW1712 12v rechargeable pressure washer (VAT Applies)

Lot 27


Makita A-89523 hedge cutter attachment (VAT Applies)

Lot 28


Festool BMS 18 E GB 240v Rustofix brush machine (VAT Applies)

Lot 29


Sealey CHARGE115 19Amp 12/24v 230v battery charger (VAT Applies)

Lot 30


Fein ASCD 18-200 W4 18v 2x5.0Ah impact driver kit (VAT Applies)

Lot 31


Makita MAC610 8 bar compressor 116psi 1.1hp 240v (VAT Applies)

Lot 32


Bosch FSN1600 1600mm guide rail (VAT Applies)

Lot 33


Draper HV-24 24in drum fan (VAT Applies)

Lot 34


Sealey SAC5030VE 50Ltr compressor (VAT Applies)

Lot 35


Sealey SKC200W key cabinet (VAT Applies)

Lot 36


Sealey LPH125 space warmer industrial heater (VAT Applies)

Lot 37


Standsafe HV003Y5XL 5XL Hi Vis parka yellow (VAT Applies)

Lot 38


Sealey IR20 infared paraffin kerosene and diesel heater 20.5kw 230v (VAT Applies)

Lot 39


Paslode 141084 x2 IM360Ci TX15 nail screws 50mm x 1250 nails + 1 fuel cell (VAT Applies)

Lot 40
to 41


Evolution RAGE5-S/2 240v multipurpose table saw (VAT Applies)

Lot 42


Hikoki G23ST/J2 110v 2000W 230mm angle grinder (VAT Applies)

Lot 43


Suretile 114203 tiletracker and 6 legs tiling batten set (VAT Applies)

Lot 44


Makita P-45777 guide rail connector (VAT Applies)

Lot 45


Makita B-09210 136mm x 10mm 36T (VAT Applies)

Lot 46


Rawlplug GPAT-PART08 cleaning kit for gas tools (VAT Applies)

Lot 47


Fein AFSC18Q 18v supercut bare unit (VAT Applies)

Lot 48


Bosch FSN KZW guide rail clamps (VAT Applies)

Lot 49


Makita P-45777 guide rail connector (VAT Applies)

Lot 50


Metabo ASC30 30 minute charger (VAT Applies)

Lot 51


Dewalt DFM1110620 M12x120 Std Anchors-Znc Pltd 25pc (VAT Applies)

Lot 52


Festool 204309 Longlige filter bag for the CT MINI/MIDI (VAT Applies)

Lot 53


DeWalt DCN8901035 2.6x35mm collated concrete screw pins 1005pk (VAT Applies)

Lot 54


V-Tuf HCLASSMIDI240 H Class midi dust extractor (VAT Applies)

Lot 55


Gerber 1020247 outdoor freescape camp saw (VAT Applies)

Lot 56


Draper MBS150 240v 550W 1640mm horizontal bandsaw (VAT Applies)

Lot 57


Metabo WEPBA 17-150 110v 1700w 150mm angle grinder (VAT Applies)

Lot 58


Sealey SD100 soldering iron 100W/230V (VAT Applies)

Lot 59


Paslode 142014 x 2 2.8mm x 63mm RG HDGV nail pack 3300pk (VAT Applies)

Lot 60


DeWalt DT1670 184x16x60T Mitre saw blade (VAT Applies)

Lot 61


Nitecore TM26 tiny monster quadry torch (VAT Applies)

Lot 62


Makita GA4530R/1 110v angle grinder 115mm (VAT Applies)

Lot 63


Makita water pressure washer (VAT Applies)

Lot 64


240v bandsaw (VAT Applies)

Lot 65


Makita VC3211MX1 110v dust extractor M class (VAT Applies)

Lot 66


Festool 497563 x2 SYS TL 1 Empty case (VAT Applies)

Lot 67


Makita 821550-0 X5 Type Makpac connector case (VAT Applies)

Lot 68


Trade-Pack 375-35JH33/HDSC 3.75 x 35mm Galv Sq twist positive placement nails 4000pk (VAT Applies)

Lot 69


Triton 977604 450W oscillating spindle and belt sander (VAT Applies)

Lot 70


DeWalt DWS774 240v 216mm sliding mitre saw (VAT Applies)

Lot 71


Milwaukee M18FMS190-0 18v 190mm mitre saw bare unit (VAT Applies)

Lot 72
to 121


50 Lots of assorted engineering tools to include fixings, cutters, bits, reamers, hand tools, gauges, squares and consumables.

Lot 122
to 171


50 Lots of woodworking tools to include fixings, chisels, saws and hand tools.

Lot 172


Progress pillar drill

Lot 173


Freestanding grinder/polisher

Lot 174


Oxy acetylene stamp and cutting gear

Lot 175


Warco metal cutting bandsaw

Lot 176


Marlco London engineers press

Lot 177


Necchi industrial sewing machine

Lot 180


Denbigh milling machine c/w associated tooling

Lot 181


Robot machinery, overhand grinder c/w spares

Lot 182


Warco overhand planer

Lot 183


Axminster bandsaw

Lot 184


Large compressor

Lot 200


2 Hand bills and a sickle

Lot 201


3 Pulleys

Lot 202


2 Lamps

Lot 203


3 Small axes

Lot 204


3 Saws

Lot 205


2 Small vices

Lot 206


2 Large axes

Lot 207


Tool box with contents

Lot 208


Old wooden tool box with contents

Lot 209


20 Large work gloves (VAT Applies)

Lot 210


100 pce Puncture patches (VAT Applies)

Lot 211


2 18' x 12' Tarpaulins (VAT Applies)

Lot 212


USPRO 800 amp extra long jump leads (VAT Applies)

Lot 213


Rechargeable 10w LED portable floodlight (VAT Applies)

Lot 214


12 Garden herb signs (VAT Applies)

Lot 215


Cast iron England sign (VAT Applies)

Lot 216


2 Multi catch rat cages (VAT Applies)

Lot 217


12v Diesel transfer pump (VAT Applies)

Lot 218


2 USPRO HSS drill sets (VAT Applies)

Lot 219
to 220


Vintage Landrover fuel can (VAT Applies)

Lot 221


3 Landrover jugs (VAT Applies)

Lot 222


3 No parking signs (VAT Applies)

Lot 223


2 Guarded LED trailer light clusters (VAT Applies)

Lot 224


Draper 900w SDS hammer drill (VAT Applies)

Lot 225


2 Spear & Jackson stainless steel forks (VAT Applies)

Lot 226
to 227


Solar powered LED pir floodlight (VAT Applies)

Lot 228


Rechargeable agrilite (VAT Applies)

Lot 229


2 Bergen LED lights on stands (VAT Applies)

Lot 230
to 231


Horse head cast iron gate pillar (VAT Applies)

Lot 232


250kgs Sack truck c/w high capacity flap (VAT Applies)

Lot 233


Red cast iron E#R post box (VAT Applies)

Lot 234


2 puncture proof wheelbarrow wheels (VAT Applies)

Lot 235


Freddie the fox (VAT Applies)

Lot 236


2 Metal poultry signs (VAT Applies)

Lot 237


Cast iron stags head (VAT Applies)

Lot 238
to 239


Cast iron pheasant (VAT Applies)

Lot 240


240v Wood burner ash vaccum (VAT Applies)

Lot 241


Medium red cast iron E#R post box (VAT Applies)

Lot 242
to 243


Telescopic roller stand (VAT Applies)

Lot 244
to 245


100w Low energy LED floodlight (VAT Applies)

Lot 246


Husqvarna 14" petrol chainsaw (12mths manufacturers warranty) (VAT Applies)

Lot 247


Metal log saw horse (VAT Applies)

Lot 248


Stihl 2 stroke oil and 5l chain oil (VAT Applies)

Lot 249


Combi can and two anti spill fillers (VAT Applies)

Lot 250


4' 6" Trailer board c/w fog light, 7.5m cable and breakaway cables (VAT Applies)

Lot 251


2 Lorry/tractor mirrors (VAT Applies)

Lot 252


Wellington boot holder and brush (VAT Applies)

Lot 253
to 256


Cast iron tractor seat stool (VAT Applies)

Lot 257


18 Stackable fruit trays/boxes (VAT Applies)

Lot 258


54 Stackable plastic fruit boxes (VAT Applies)

Lot 259


Husqvarna chainsaw helmet (VAT Applies)

Lot 260


Qty of assorted VW parts (VAT Applies)

Lot 261


4 Propline plastic stacking boxes (VAT Applies)

Lot 262


GRP mix of epoxy and hardener (VAT Applies)

Lot 263


Diesel injector tester

Lot 264


New Ford Street KA rear wing and inner front panel

Lot 265


Set of Seco drill bits with replaceable tips

Lot 266


Assorted army cloths

Lot 267


Diamond saw blade

Lot 268


Qty of new rotabroach cutters

Lot 269


Qty of milling cutters and collets

Lot 270


Qty of assorted sized stencils

Lot 271


Diamond saw blade

Lot 272


New exhaust for Mercedes C class 220 saloon 2199 93Ti 150hp - 2000

Lot 273


Redring WS7 electric over sink water heater. GWO

Lot 274


Record CX3000 power dust extractor and piping. GWO

Lot 275


3 Tractor funnels, jugs etc (VAT Applies)

Lot 276


20 Large gloves (VAT Applies)

Lot 277


10 15' Ratchet straps (VAT Applies)

Lot 278


2 Garden animal planters (VAT Applies)

Lot 279


2 Puncture proof wheelbarrow wheels (VAT Applies)

Lot 280


Castrol vintage fuel can (VAT Applies)

Lot 281


3 Castrol oil cans (VAT Applies)

Lot 282


12v Magnetic 27w LED floodlight (VAT Applies)

Lot 283


USPRO 800 amp extra long jump leads (VAT Applies)

Lot 284


Bergen 50' auto retractable air hose (VAT Applies)

Lot 285


USPRO professionsl tyre gauge and hi viz air hose (VAT Applies)

Lot 286


Shell fuel can (VAT Applies)

Lot 287


3 Shell jugs (VAT Applies)

Lot 288


Rusty cockerel (VAT Applies)

Lot 289


2 LED directional light units (VAT Applies)

Lot 290


Draper 900w SDS breaker drill (VAT Applies)

Lot 291


3 Cast iron no parking signs (VAT Applies)

Lot 292


Pig stool (VAT Applies)

Lot 293


5 Trailer breakaway cables (VAT Applies)

Lot 294


Cast iron pig (VAT Applies)

Lot 295


Husqvarna 14" petrol chainsaw (VAT Applies)

Lot 296


Stihl 2 stroke oil and 5l chain oil (VAT Applies)

Lot 297


Bergen 1m 3/4" drive power bar (VAT Applies)

Lot 298


Cast iron cow (VAT Applies)

Lot 299


Owl and dog (VAT Applies)

Lot 300


Hanging bird table (VAT Applies)

Lot 301


Ifor Williams trailer wheel (VAT Applies)

Lot 302


850w Sheep shearing kit (VAT Applies)

Lot 303


Draper Expert 3/8" socket set (VAT Applies)

Lot 304


Cast iron post box (VAT Applies)

Lot 305


14' Tow chain and case (VAT Applies)

Lot 306


Wellington boot holder with brush (VAT Applies)

Lot 307


Sandstone boot scraper (VAT Applies)

Lot 308


Spotty cockerel (VAT Applies)

Lot 309


2 Stainless steel buckets (VAT Applies)

Lot 310
to 311


Cast iron horse head (VAT Applies)

Lot 312


50 pce Mirror polished metric spanner set (VAT Applies)

Lot 313


Ifor Williams ribbed jockey wheel (VAT Applies)

Lot 314


6' Post rammer (VAT Applies)

Lot 315


Galvanised pig wire clamp (VAT Applies)

Lot 316


6' Fencing digging iron bar and fencing pliers (VAT Applies)

Lot 317


Bergen Engineers 170 pce drill bit set (VAT Applies)

Lot 318


6 Gear pullers (VAT Applies)

Lot 319


Auto darkening welding helmet (VAT Applies)

Lot 320


50w Low energy LED floodlight (VAT Applies)

Lot 321
to 324


Tractor seat stool (VAT Applies)

Lot 325


2 Garden hoses, qty of rope, 4 weed sprayers and 3 petrol cans

Lot 326


Block and tackle, 2 axle stands, qty of locking chains and 2 measuring tapes

Lot 327


Double gas burner and 3 gas guns

Lot 328


Box of shackles, swivels and a ratchet

Lot 329


CP nine tow chisels, set of man hole keys and a peller bar

Lot 330


Childs wheelbarrow

Lot 331


Set of Vauxhall locking wheel nuts and a roof rack

Lot 332


Box of jubilee clips, tub of nuts, bolts and washers and a box of drill bits and tin screws

Lot 333


Small trolley and qty of tools

Lot 334


Porters sack barrow

Lot 335


4 Disc cutter pullers

Lot 336


Metal/brass headboard and fittings

Lot 337
to 338


Round manhole cover

Lot 339


Qty of blue metal stacking chairs

Lot 340


Qty of red metal stacking chairs

Lot 341
to 343


Qty of gate tables

Lot 344
to 347



Lot 348
to 349


Box of electrical cable

Lot 350


Tool box c/w tools

Lot 351


Foot pump

Lot 352


Lawn spreader

Lot 353


Box of miscellaneous

Lot 354


Approx 19' armour cable

Lot 355


Portable warning sign

Lot 356


Portable safety barrier

Lot 357


4 Traffic cones and 4 warning lights

Lot 358


2 Litter bins

Lot 359


Mixing tray

Lot 360


6' Aluminium step ladder

Lot 361


50m x 2m Roll of protection netting

Lot 362


45m Roof cutter with 'Keep Clear' insert

Lot 363


8' x 8' Gazebo roof and ground sheet

Lot 364


Garden composter

Lot 365


Wooden tool box

Lot 366


Knapsack sprayer

Lot 367


Large hamster cage

Lot 368


Sack barrow

Lot 369


Folding boot fair table

Lot 370


Bird feeding table

Lot 371


Qty of miscellaneous tools

Lot 372
to 374



Lot 375


Step ladder

Lot 383


Small bedside cabinet

Lot 384


Office item with paper shredder. GWO

Lot 385


Small basin/sink. As new

Lot 386


Small round glass table

Lot 387


Corner glass cabinet

Lot 388


Sewing machine. GWO

Lot 389


Qty of loft insulation

Lot 390


Box of miscellaneous items

Lot 391


3 Ton ball and pin hitch

Lot 392


Sewing machine. GWO

Lot 393


Ball pin and a 12v amber revolving auto light with cigarette plug for tractor

Lot 394


Qty of loft insulation

Lot 395


Box of safety hats. As new

Lot 396


Box of copper fittings

Lot 397


Qty of car radios

Lot 398


Spot light

Lot 399


Qty of concrete block with clay waste pipe

Lot 400


Gents Raleigh Nitro Triumph 10 gear racing bike

Lot 401


Car radio with CD change. GWO

Lot 402


Spot light

Lot 403


Gents Energise bike seat

Lot 404


Car radio with CD change. GWO

Lot 405


Qty of loft insulation

Lot 406


Qty of concrete block

Lot 407


Box of miscellaneous

Lot 408


Camping stove. GWO

Lot 409


Dart board casing with chalk board

Lot 410


Qty of half round bricks and qty of Barling edging

Lot 411


Vintage compressor

Lot 412


Nail gun with extras

Lot 413


10 Metal disc cutting blades

Lot 414


10 Stone cutting blades

Lot 415


Qty of cutting discs

Lot 416


Bag of metal ties

Lot 417


3 Nail guns with box of nails

Lot 418


Qty of garden rocks

Lot 419


2 Pieces of slate - 4' 3" x 20" and 4' x 20"

Lot 420


4 Art Deco cast iron bath feet

Lot 421


Metal ammunition box

Lot 422


Set of weighing scales

Lot 423


Motor reduction gear box

Lot 424


Art Deco copper electric fire

Lot 425


Wrought iron ornate fire grate

Lot 426


Iron furrow for small tractor

Lot 427


Large electric motor

Lot 428


Old pine tool chest

Lot 429


Roof tile cutter

Lot 430


Swivel office chair

Lot 431


Small typewriter

Lot 432


Large red fire bell

Lot 433


Brass fire guard on legs

Lot 434


Cast iron horse and cart brake

Lot 435


6 Gallon cans of floor paint in assorted colours

Lot 436


4 Red fabric office/reception chairs

Lot 437


4 Blue fabric office/reception chairs

Lot 438


Sack trolley

Lot 439


Heavy duty trolley

Lot 440


Flat folding sack trolley

Lot 441


Heavy duty dolly trolley

Lot 442


Dolly trolley

Lot 443


Boys bike

Lot 444


Girls bike

Lot 445



Lot 446


Fire hearth

Lot 447


Step ladder

Lot 448


Key cabinet

Lot 449


African antique hand plough head

Lot 450


3 Victorian iron wall vents

Lot 451


4 Victorian iron claw bath feet

Lot 452


2 34" Studio lamp stands on castors

Lot 453


Clarke CHV12 12 ton pipe bender with formers

Lot 454


Assortment of lathe cutting tools

Lot 455


20" x 14" x 8" Heavy ammunition box

Lot 456


2 Powerdri dehumidifiers

Lot 457


Qty of oak including planks, pieces and 2 door steps

Lot 458


13 Pieces of carved wood cornice pieces, feet and legs

Lot 459


Watermill PR50D automatic double pump

Lot 460


2 Art painting canvas rolls - 8m x 1600 and 2m by 1600

Lot 461


19" x 26" x 5" Old pine artists paint box with 9 compartments

Lot 462


2 500w Halogen lamps with adjustable stand

Lot 463


17" x 22" x 19" Adjustable pedestal on castors

Lot 464


Oxy acetylene cutting hoses, gauges etc

Lot 465


Stainless steel water butt

Lot 466


Various new brake discs

Lot 467


Various new oil filters

Lot 468


Various new lorry/car bulbs

Garden Machinery

Lot 501


Mountfield 725M ride on mower with box

Lot 502


Mountfield 1436M tractor mower

Lot 503


Massey Ferguson ride on mower

Lot 504


Lawnflite tractor mower

Lot 505


Husqvarna R316TXS ride on mower, 83 hours, awd - from new (VAT Applies)

Lot 506


Toro Wheelhorse 13-48HXL ride on mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 507


Roberine 900 ride on mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 508


Countax 32" E36 ride on mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 509


Toro recycler ride on mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 510


Hayter ride on mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 521
to 535



Lot 536


Honda Izzy 41cm self propelled mower

Lot 537


Husqvarna LB548Se self propelled mulching mower with Honda engine

Lot 538


Viking MB24 8T 46cm mower. GWO

Lot 539


Webb 18" self propelled cylinder mower with grass box. GWO

Lot 540


MTD rotary mower with bag

Lot 541


Hayter 48 rotary mower

Lot 542


Hayter 56 rotary mower

Lot 543


Hayter Harrier 48 mower

Lot 544


Honda mower

Lot 545


Rotary mower

Lot 546


Ibea mower

Lot 547


Mountfield mower

Lot 548


Cylinder mower

Lot 549


Hayter Harrier 56 mower

Lot 550


Lawnflite Pro mower

Lot 551


Rotary mower

Lot 552


Honda mower

Lot 553



Lot 554


Hayter mower

Lot 555


Hayter petrol mower

Lot 556



Lot 557


Petrol mower

Lot 558


Hayter R53A rotary mower

Lot 559


Honda HR173 rotary mower

Lot 560


Honda HRD535 rotary mower

Lot 561


Viking mower

Lot 562
to 563


Hayter Harrier 41 rotary mower

Lot 564


Atco Admiral mower

Lot 565


Honda HRB423 rotary mower

Lot 566


Kaaz IM4851KXR rotary mower

Lot 567


Honda HR535 rotary mower

Lot 568


Honda HRB536 rotary mower

Lot 569
to 570


Honda HRB476C rotary mower

Lot 571


Mountfield push rotary mower

Lot 572


Webb 21 hw rotary mower

Lot 573
to 574


Kaaz Danarm 20" mower with Honda GXV110 engine with collection box (VAT Applies)

Lot 575


Hayter 56 mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 576


Honda HRB425C mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 577


Honda HRX426 mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 578


Honda HRB425C mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 579


Honda HRO536 mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 580


Hayter Harrier 56 mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 581


Sisis Auto Turfman mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 582


Flymo Hover electric rotary mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 583


Draper garden power electric rotary wheeled mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 584


Flymo petrol rotary wheeled mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 585


Mountfield petrol rotary wheeled mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 586


Alko petrol rotary wheeled mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 587


Partner petrol rotary wheeled mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 588
to 589


Petrol rotary wheeled mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 590


Honda petrol rotary roller mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 591


Flymo Ultra Glide electric rotary hover mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 592


Lawnboy rotary wheeled mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 593


Atco rotary wheeled mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 594


Toro 450 series 43cm recycler rotary wheeled mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 595


Gardencare Plus rotary wheeled mower with Briggs & Stratton 625E 190cc engine (VAT Applies)

Lot 596


Mountfield EL46PD auto drive electric rotary mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 597


Qualcast Briggs & Stratton engine push petrol rotary mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 598


Hayter Double 3 auto drive petrol rotary mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 599


Webb cylinder mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 600


Suffolk Punch 14S cylinder mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 601


Qualcast Suffolk Punch 43S cylinder mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 602


Suffolk Punch 21" electric cylinder mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 603


Qualcast Classic 30S electric cylinder mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 604


Vintage Atco cylinder mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 605


Atco rotary mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 606
to 610


Mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 611


Mantis garden tiller with tines

Lot 641


10 Safety goggles and glasses (VAT Applies)

Lot 642


10 15' Ratchet straps (VAT Applies)

Lot 643


100 Puncture proof patches (VAT Applies)

Lot 644


USPRO 800 amp jump leads (VAT Applies)

Lot 645


2 Ride on tractor mirrors (VAT Applies)

Lot 646


12v 27w Magnetic LED floodlight (VAT Applies)

Lot 647


Husqvarna 14" petrol chainsaw (12 mths manufacturers warranty) (VAT Applies)

Lot 648


Chainsaw combi can and 2 anti spill fillers (VAT Applies)

Lot 649


Stihl 2 stroke oil and 5l chain oil (VAT Applies)

Lot 650


Stihl 3mm strimmer cord (VAT Applies)

Lot 651


6 Gear pullers (VAT Applies)

Lot 652


12v Diesel transfer pump (VAT Applies)

Lot 653


Metal log sawhorse (VAT Applies)

Lot 654


Stihl 2.4mm strimmer cord (VAT Applies)

Lot 655


Husqvarna 14" petrol chainsaw (12 mths manufacturers warranty) (VAT Applies)

Lot 656


16 pce Trailer ratchet lashing system (VAT Applies)

Lot 657


USPRO 1/2" torque wrench (VAT Applies)

Lot 658


2 6' Loading ramps (VAT Applies)

Lot 659


2 12v LED tractor lights (VAT Applies)

Lot 660


Sprung tractor seat (VAT Applies)

Lot 661


14' Double hook chain (VAT Applies)

Lot 662


Ryobi strimmer

Lot 663


Ryobi leaf blower

Lot 664


Petrol strimmer

Lot 665


Stihl strimmer

Lot 666


Stihl blower

Lot 667


Stihl blower

Lot 668



Lot 669


Petrol backpack blower (VAT Applies)

Lot 670


Alko CC38P petrol scarifier (VAT Applies)

Lot 671


Petrol strimmer (VAT Applies)

Lot 672


Honda UMK422 petrol strimmer (VAT Applies)

Lot 673


Stihl FS85 petrol strimmer (VAT Applies)

Lot 674


Petrol strimmer (VAT Applies)

Lot 675


Husqvarna 525RJX pertrol strimmer (VAT Applies)

Lot 676


McCulloch MT302X petrol strimmer (VAT Applies)

Lot 677


Ryobi petrol strimmer (VAT Applies)

Lot 678


McCulloch Trim Mac 210 petrol strimmer (VAT Applies)

Lot 679


Partner SST250+ petrol chainsaw (VAT Applies)

Lot 680


McCulloch Trim Mac 210 petrol strimmer (VAT Applies)

Lot 681


Performance Plus 1800w electric blower/vac (VAT Applies)

Lot 682


Flymo 2500v turbo electric garden vac (VAT Applies)

Lot 683


Garden shredder (VAT Applies)

Lot 701


Stihl FS310 brushcutter

Lot 702


McCulloch Pro Mac 3100 brushcutter

Lot 703


Stihl brushcutter

Lot 704


MTD brushcutter

Lot 705


Petrol brushcutter

Lot 706


Homelite petrol brushcutter (VAT Applies)

Lot 707


Electric hedge trimmer. GWO

Lot 708


Titan 2 stroke hedge cutter. GWO

Lot 709


Tanaka TBG240 pole hedgecutter

Lot 710


Stihl HS45 hedgecutter

Lot 711


Echo long reach hedgecutter

Lot 712


Stihl long reach hedgecutter

Lot 713


Stihl hedgecutter

Lot 714


Petrol hedgecutter

Lot 715


Mountfield MH2424 petrol hedgecutter (VAT Applies)

Lot 716


Tanaka THT-2000S petrol hedgecutter (VAT Applies)

Lot 717


GHT-22 Weedeater petrol hedgecutter (VAT Applies)

Lot 718


Stihl HS76 1 sided petrol hedgecutter (VAT Applies)

Lot 719


Flymo Sabercut battery long reach hedgecutter (VAT Applies)

Lot 720


Spear & Jackson hedgecutter (VAT Applies)

Lot 741


2 Stroke chainsaw. GWO

Lot 742


Stihl MS250 chainsaw

Lot 743


Echo chainsaw

Lot 744


Stihl chainsaw

Lot 745
to 747



Lot 748


Makita petrol chainsaw (VAT Applies)

Lot 749


Oleo MAC940 petrol chainsaw (VAT Applies)

Lot 750


Pro petrol chainsaw in carry case (VAT Applies)

Lot 751


Jonsered CS2145S petrol chainsaw (VAT Applies)

Lot 752


Jonsered 250 petrol chainsaw (VAT Applies)

Lot 753


Stihl 011AVT petrol chainsaw (VAT Applies)

Lot 754


Stihl 011AV petrol chainsaw (VAT Applies)

Lot 755


Mitox 4116 petrol chainsaw (VAT Applies)

Lot 756


Mitox chainsaw (VAT Applies)

Lot 757


Black & Decker Alligator saw (VAT Applies)

Lot 758
to 762


Hand tool (VAT Applies)

Lot 781


Trailer for ride on mower

Lot 782


Large garden trailer

Lot 783


Sisis auto rake (VAT Applies)

Lot 784


Sisis aerator c/w 3pl (VAT Applies)

Lot 785


Honda petrol pressure washer (VAT Applies)

Lot 786


Sisis top dresser (VAT Applies)

Lot 787


Sisis scarifier (VAT Applies)

Lot 788


Nickerson Turfmaster (VAT Applies)

Lot 789


Ryobi petrol combi engine (VAT Applies)

Timber And Sheets

Lot 821
to 825


8' x 3" x 2" Length of CLS timber

Lot 826
to 828


16' x 4" x 2" Length of CLS timber

Lot 829


10' x 4" x 2" Length of CLS Timber

Lot 830
to 831


16' x 3" x 2" Length of CLS timber

Lot 832
to 833


8' x 4' Sheet of chipboard

Lot 834


3 Lengths of 3m 640 x 95 x 45 tanalised timber

Lot 835


2 Lengths of 2m 860 x 95 x 45 tanalised timber

Lot 836


4 Lengths of 2m 340 x 95 x 45 tanalised timber

Lot 837
to 842


Qty of timber

Lot 843


Qty of faced chipboard

Lot 844
to 845


Qty of white correx plastic corrugated boards

Lot 846


2 Rolls of new barbed wire

Lot 847


Metal cabinet

Lot 848


Wire storage cage

Lot 849


Qty of metal tubing

Lot 850


6' x 4' Sheet of metal checker board

Lot 851


8' x 4' Sheet of aluminium checker board

Lot 852


Qty of timber

Lot 853


Qty of 6" x 3" posts

Lot 854


Qty of 6" x 4" posts

Lot 855
to 857


2.5m of Youngman board

Lot 858
to 859


4 Heras fence panels

Lot 860


Qty of solid hoarding panels and gates

Lot 861


Qty of solid hoarding panels

Lot 862


2 Sheets of plywood

Lot 863


Qty of water pipe

Lot 864
to 865


Qty of Heras panel fencing

Lot 866


5 Metal fence stakes

Lot 867


11' Field gate with post and fixings

Lot 868


Field gate with post and fixings, one rail bent

Lot 869


4 12' 5 Bar gates (VAT Applies)

Lot 870


2 Wooden field gates (VAT Applies)

Lot 871


Strong tower scaffold with wheels

Farm Machinery

Lot 901


6 Chicken feeders and drinkers

Lot 902
to 906


Vintage cast iron round pig trough (VAT Applies)

Lot 907


Large feed bin (VAT Applies)

Lot 908
to 912


100 Hessian sacks on a pallet

Lot 913


10 15' Ratchet straps (VAT Applies)

Lot 914


100 pce Puncture patches (VAT Applies)

Lot 915


100 Bergen lynch pins (VAT Applies)

Lot 916


800 amp Extra long jump leads (VAT Applies)

Lot 917


2 Draper Expert grease guns (VAT Applies)

Lot 918


12v Diesel transfer pump (VAT Applies)

Lot 919


Draper Expert 1/2" socket set (VAT Applies)

Lot 920


2 Cast iron John Deere signs (VAT Applies)

Lot 921
to 922


100w Low energy slimline floodlight (VAT Applies)

Lot 923


2 20w LED floodlights (VAT Applies)

Lot 924


Bergen electrical screwdrivers (VAT Applies)

Lot 925


Mechanicsh creeper trolley (VAT Applies)

Lot 926


2 6m Ratchet straps (VAT Applies)

Lot 927


Massey Ferguson sign and 12v metal switched tractor light (VAT Applies)

Lot 928


14' Tow chain and case (VAT Applies)

Lot 929


2 6' Loading ramps (VAT Applies)

Lot 930


48mm Jockey wheel (VAT Applies)

Lot 931


12v Magnetic LED searchlight (VAT Applies)

Lot 932


Sprung tractor seat (VAT Applies)

Lot 933


Bergen 1m 3/4" ratchet (VAT Applies)

Lot 934


3/4" Drive socket set (VAT Applies)

Lot 935


Bergen 1m 3/4" power bar (VAT Applies)

Lot 936
to 937


2 12/24v LED tractor worklights (VAT Applies)

Lot 938


50pce Chrome Vanadium spanner set (VAT Applies)

Lot 939


2 Ford signs (VAT Applies)

Lot 940


Tractor roolbox and tractor stop cable (VAT Applies)

Lot 941


3 20w LED low energy floodlights (VAT Applies)

Lot 942


Ifor Williams ribbed jockey wheel (VAT Applies)

Lot 943


16 pce Trailer transporter strap kit (VAT Applies)

Lot 944


6 Jumbo metric spanners (VAT Applies)

Lot 945


Bergen 12v battery drop tester (VAT Applies)

Lot 946


Air grease gun c/w 100 grease nipples (VAT Applies)

Lot 947


Euro 8 weld on loader brackets (VAT Applies)

Lot 948


12/24v 42" 4 x 4 pick up LED light bar (VAT Applies)

Lot 949


50mm Dual hitch (VAT Applies)

Lot 950


Magnetic trailer lighting units c/w 7.5m cable and breakaway cables (VAT Applies)

Lot 951


4 x 4 Adjustable drop hitch plate (VAT Applies)

Lot 952
to 953


2 Sheep hookover hay racks (VAT Applies)

Lot 954


2 6ton Tractor axle stands (VAT Applies)

Lot 955


2 Massey Ferguson signs (VAT Applies)

Lot 956


12/24v 34" 4 x 4 pick up LED light bar (VAT Applies)

Lot 957


2 Ifor Williams trailer prop stands (VAT Applies)

Lot 958


12v LED hazard warning beacon (VAT Applies)

Lot 959


3 Metal CCTV signs (VAT Applies)

Lot 960


2 Lorry/tractor mirrors (VAT Applies)

Lot 961
to 962


Implement hay tedder wheel (VAT Applies)

Lot 963


Set of 7' disc harrows (VAT Applies)

Lot 965


Kuhn EL25 42" rotavator (VAT Applies)

Lot 966


2 Tornado grain fans (VAT Applies)

Lot 967


Pasture spiker and aerator (VAT Applies)

Lot 968


Set of vintage grain scales (VAT Applies)

Lot 969


56 Bale carrier (VAT Applies)

Lot 970


Bale spike (VAT Applies)

Lot 973


800ltr Heavy duty water pump with hoses. GWO

Lot 974


1000ltr Water tank

Fire Service

Contractors Plant

Lot 1002


Rotary barrel pump. GWO

Lot 1003


Ferguson header bar

Lot 1004


9.6v Bosch cordless drill (VAT Applies)

Lot 1005


4.5" Bosch grinder (VAT Applies)

Lot 1006
to 1008


Ecos 1 air conditioning unit (VAT Applies)

Lot 1009


Atlas Copco air breaker (VAT Applies)

Lot 1010


McDonald air breaker (VAT Applies)

Lot 1011


Air needle gun (VAT Applies)

Lot 1012


1/2" Air impact wrench (VAT Applies)

Lot 1013
to 1015


CP9 air breaker (VAT Applies)

Lot 1016


Fairpoint wacker plate (VAT Applies)

Lot 1017


110v Submersible pump (VAT Applies)

Lot 1018


Ingimex Transit hydraulic hoist. Newrly new (VAT Applies)

Lot 1019


Wallpaper stripper (VAT Applies)

Lot 1020


Clarke 3hp 250v generator

Lot 1021


Nixon HH2500 6.5hp generator

Lot 1022


Oxford 240v oil filled arc welder

Lot 1026


2400l Midas oil tank with Apollo gauge and plug in monitor

Lot 1027


Wolf air compressor (VAT Applies)

Lot 1028


Migatronic LTE200 TIG welder (VAT Applies)

Lot 1029


Olympic 180 240v arc welder (VAT Applies)

Lot 1030


SIP 180 240v arc welder (VAT Applies)

Lot 1031


6 Ifor Williams trailer wheels and tyres

Lot 1032


New 205/55 ZR 1691V wheel and Michelin tyre

Lot 1033


Set of car ramps

Lot 1051


Complete motorcycle trailer (dismantled for transit)

Lot 1052


Motor bike trailer, needs mudguards

Lot 1053


8t High tip trailer on twin axles (VAT Applies)

Lot 1055


20' Home made bale trailer (VAT Applies)