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Local Farmers’ Photos

A curated selection of the best photos taken by local farmers.

We are inviting local farmers to send us their photos of cattle and sheep if they would like us to feature them on this page.

We plan to include a selection of the best. We’d be delighted to receive your photos if you would like us to consider including them. Please send them to info@hobbsparker.co.uk with the subject line “Website Gallery Photo”.

We would like to keep the quality high (photographic, artistic and interest) and so cannot promise to include every photo.

We’ll also share some on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HobbsParkerAuctioneers


Cattle at pasture

Photographer – Anna Wickens


Romney ewe with lambs

Photographer – Louise Barr


Romney ewe with quads

Photographer – Deborah Cox


Ryelands in the mist at Marsh Green

Photographer – Lola Townsend


Sussex Cattle in a barn

Photographer – Simon Wright, Romney Marsh


Sussex heifer in a field

Photographer – Simon Wright, Romney Marsh