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Collective Machinery Auction at Headcorn Aerodrome

Saturday 21st May 2022 - Starts at 9:30am

Location: Headcorn, Maidstone TN27 9HX

Sale Times - Selling in 2 rings - ]Ring 1 at 9.30am - lots 851 to 1630 and Ring 2 at 10am - lots 1 to 810

Vendors - This is a collective sale of machinery and equipment consigned by farmers and local agricultural companies held at the Headcorn Aerodrome, Shenley Farm by kind permission of Mr Jamie Freeman.

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Sale Times - Selling in 2 rings - ]Ring 1 at 9.30am - lots 851 to 1630 and Ring 2 at 10am - lots 1 to 810

Vendors - This is a collective sale of machinery and equipment consigned by farmers and local agricultural companies held at the Headcorn Aerodrome, Shenley Farm by kind permission of Mr Jamie Freeman. All lots are offered subject to availability. .

Situation & Directions - Look for signs to Headcorn Airfield; see auctioneers signs on the day of the sale. Postcode is TN27 9HX.

Viewing - On the day of sale only from 8.00 am. Prospective buyers are requested to register with the Auctioneers at the Hobbs Parker office marquee situated in the sale field prior to the sale, whereupon they will receive numbered cards to assist with bidding and cashiering arrangements. Parking - Parking will be available adjacent to the sale field..

]Lot Description - All items are sold as seen with all faults unless otherwise described. The Auctioneers accept no responsibility for the accuracy of any description of each lot or to any fault or defect in any lot. All items are offered subject to availability. Prospective purchasers should check by telephone that items have arrived for sale before travelling long distances. Purchasers must satisfy themselves where applicable any item purchased at auction complies with the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act, and subsequent regulations made under it. It remains the buyers’ responsibility to check the safety of any mechanical or electrical item purchased before attempting to use it. The Auctioneers cannot accept liability for any loss or damage sustained if this warning is disregarded..

Removal of Stock - All items included in the lot purchased must be removed by the purchaser, there is to be no cherry picking of lots bought. Purchasers are reminded that the safety and security of the item becomes the responsibility of the purchaser at the fall of the hammer. No lot to be removed from the sale ground without written consent from the Auctioneers. Hobbs Parker do not deliver items or arrange delivery, buyers must be able to remove all lots by Wednesday 29th May. Items remain on site at the sole risk of the purchaser..

Value Added Tax - All items marked with an asterisk thus (*) are liable to VAT which will be added to the purchase ticket. Any alterations to the * status of any lot will be indicated on the day of the sale..

Buyers Premium Payable in Addition to the Bid Price - There will be a 10% Buyers Premium (+ VAT) charged on all lots in this sale. A maximum charge of £250 (+VAT) will apply to items realizing over £2500..

PTO Shafts, Control Boxes - If these or any other detachable items are not evident with the lot the purchaser must assume that they are not available..

Documents - Registration documents to vehicles and tractors (if available) will be posted to the DVLA who will be notified of the purchasers’ details. Conditions of Sale - As recommended by the Auctioneers Association, details from the Hobbs Parker office, or see inside front cover of the catalogue. Special Note - Persons attend the auction site and premises at their own risk and neither the owners of the site, the vendors nor the auctioneers will be individually or collectively responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused to any person or property which may be present on the auction site or premises for any purpose whatsoever..

Refreshments - Light refreshments will be available. A toilet unit will be available..

Sale Day Telephones - 07710 803901 / 07795 200357 / 07741 845230.

Payments TERMS - CARD OR CHEQUE* ON THE DAY OF SALE - Please remember that all lots must be paid for in full on the day of sale..
*Purchasers unknown to the auctioneers and wishing to pay by cheque MUST make the following arrangement BEFORE the day of sale. Inform your own Bank Manager that you are attending the sale and that you wish to pay by cheque. Ask him for a letter authorising us to accept your cheque for a given value. This can then be brought with you on the sale day or can be faxed to us beforehand. Our fax number is (01233) 502211.

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Building Supplies

Lot 1


Holden bricklayers tool kit in carry case (VAT Applies)

Lot 2


Rolson hard base tool bag (VAT Applies)

Lot 3


Draper expert heavy duty 12 division tool roll (VAT Applies)

Lot 4


3 boxes of 10 black universal roof vents (VAT Applies)

Lot 5


Box of 2 metal RAL 9010 900mm x 600mm access panels (VAT Applies)

Lot 6


24 Boxes fo 2 metal RAL 9010 500mm x 500mm access panels (VAT Applies)

Lot 7


15 Boxes fo 2 metal RAL 9010 450mm x 400mm access panels (VAT Applies)

Lot 8


Part reel of Pyro electric cable (VAT Applies)

Lot 9


Various rolls of assorted electric cable (VAT Applies)

Lot 10


Box of assorted cables and fittings (VAT Applies)

Lot 11


Qty of assorted suspended ceiling parts (VAT Applies)

Lot 12


3 Boxes of various sizes of draught excluder (VAT Applies)

Lot 13


2 Boxes of 600mm x 600mm white frost acoustic ceiling tegular tiles (VAT Applies)

Lot 14


Qty of Intumescent strip in three colours (VAT Applies)

Lot 15


10 1600mm 240v Strip lights (VAT Applies)

Lot 16


Qty of Hilti nails (VAT Applies)

Lot 17


Box of DeWalt collated drywall screws (VAT Applies)

Lot 18


Lamona round stainless steel sink (VAT Applies)

Lot 19


Wall mounted baby changer unit (VAT Applies)

Lot 20


2 90 watt floodlights in black aluminium housing (VAT Applies)

Lot 21


Mitsubishi suspended ceiling cassette air conditioning unit - working when removed (VAT Applies)

Lot 22


Toshiba wall mounted air conditioning unit - working when removed (VAT Applies)

Lot 23


Daiken wall mounted air conditioning unit - working when removed (VAT Applies)

Lot 24


2 Daiken suspended ceiling cassette air conditioning units - working when removed (VAT Applies)

Lot 25


Basket of black assorted commercial pull handles (VAT Applies)

Lot 26


Basket of satin stainless steel handles (VAT Applies)

Lot 27


6 Chrome bottle traps (VAT Applies)

Lot 28


48 JCC 1277 LED flat panels - 31 600mm x 600 mm and 17 1200mm x 600mm plus connectors (VAT Applies)

Lot 29


Assorted nuts and bolts (VAT Applies)

Lot 30


Wall mounted metal key cabinet - key / combination (VAT Applies)

Lot 31


Hilti MD2000 resin gun (VAT Applies)

Lot 32


Rigid reciprocating saw in metal case (VAT Applies)

Lot 33


Bosch drill in case (VAT Applies)

Lot 34


MAC square orbital sander (VAT Applies)

Lot 35


Titan belt sander in case (VAT Applies)

Lot 36


Erbauer sander in case (VAT Applies)

Lot 37


Evolution rage B skill saw (VAT Applies)

Lot 38


Makita skill saw (VAT Applies)

Lot 39


AEG WS700 angle grinder (VAT Applies)

Lot 40


Sparky professional angle grinder (VAT Applies)

Lot 41


Securikey metal keysafe (VAT Applies)

Lot 42


5 1 tonne rated beam clamps (VAT Applies)

Lot 43


27 600mm x 600mm suspended ceiling plastic grill vents (VAT Applies)

Lot 44


Makita MAK2414NB 355mm aqbrasive cut off saw (VAT Applies)

Lot 45


Qty of diamond core drill bits (VAT Applies)

Lot 46


Approx 260 Signature clay tiles - colour village blend (VAT Applies)

Lot 47


23 Packs of 14 red clay tiles (VAT Applies)

Lot 48


32 Packs of 49 Redland roof tiles (VAT Applies)

Lot 49


Large qty of Orange / red developer clay tiles in packs (VAT Applies)

Lot 50


7 Packs of 16 Sandtoft red clay tiles (VAT Applies)

Lot 51


Qty of Sandtoft charcoal large clay tiles (VAT Applies)

Lot 52


Part pack of brindle 50mm block paviors (VAT Applies)

Lot 53


Part pack of buff engineering bricks (VAT Applies)

Lot 54


Part pack of 80mm block paviours (VAT Applies)

Lot 55


Various acrow props (VAT Applies)

Lot 56


56 Stonemarket beachside 560mm x 560mm 28mm patio slabs (VAT Applies)

Lot 57


Qty of 100mm x 100mm x 100mm Silver grey granite setts (VAT Applies)

Lot 58
to 67


Qty of used timber

Lot 68
to 77


10 Lengths of 8' x 3" x 2" CLS timber

Lot 78
to 80


Qty of timber

Lot 81
to 86


Bulk bag of logs

Lot 87
to 88


Bulk bag of woodchip

Lot 89
to 91


20 Spiles

Lot 92
to 95


5 bags of Woodland woodchip

Lot 96


Various lengths of timber

Lot 97


1t Bag of wood offcuts

Lot 98


4 Dumpy bags of kindling wood (VAT Applies)

Lot 99


New wooden door - treated

Lot 100


New wooden door - untreated

Lot 101


10 Heavy duty Z roof purlins (VAT Applies)

Lot 102
to 103


3 3' x 4' 6" New wooden windows (VAT Applies)

Lot 104


2' x 4' 6" New wooden window (VAT Applies)

Lot 105


Qty of box profile (VAT Applies)

Lot 106


Qty of galvanised flat steel (VAT Applies)

Lot 107


Qty of metal round pipe (VAT Applies)

Lot 108


Qty of large round metal pipes (VAT Applies)

Lot 109


50m x 1.5m Tyvek roofing membrane

Lot 110


Part roll of roofing membrane

Lot 111


6 15' Evenflow irrigation pipes

Lot 112


Length of 600mm twinwall pipe

Lot 113


Qty of 3" x 3" angle iron (VAT Applies)

Lot 114


Qty of plastic guttering (VAT Applies)

Lot 115


20 Railway sleepers (VAT Applies)

Lot 116


2 Acro props (VAT Applies)

Fencing Equipment

Lot 131


3 Lengths of 3250mm x 400mm decorative iron railings

Lot 132
to 134


12' Metal gate

Lot 135


11' Metal gate

Lot 136


8' Metal gate

Lot 137


Field gate

Lot 138


15' Metal gate

Lot 139


7' Metal gate

Lot 140


Hardwood gate

Lot 141


Pair of galvanised yard gates

Lot 142


6' Wooden gate c/w posts

Lot 143


3' Wooden gate c/w posts

Lot 144


Metal gate

Lot 145


2 Small wooden gates (VAT Applies)

Lot 146


Hardwood gate (VAT Applies)

Lot 147
to 148


25 8' Chestnut stakes

Lot 149


Qty of chestnut fencing (VAT Applies)

Lot 150


Pair of metal garden gates

Lot 151


New wooden garden gate

Lot 152


9 7' x 3' Galvanised metal railings (VAT Applies)

Lot 153


6 New 40"sq metal railings (VAT Applies)

Lot 154


Set of large yard gates and posts

Lot 155


2 Large gate frames

Lot 156


Gate post

Lot 157


Pair of galvanised gateposts

Lot 158


100 5' Fencing posts

Lot 159


Qty of chestnut posts

Lot 160


Qty of Stock fence and wire

Lot 161


Ridley Rappa 25 posts + wire

Lot 162


Qty of wire

Lot 163


2 9' Box section posts (VAT Applies)

Lot 164


10 10' 1 1/2" Round tubes (VAT Applies)

Lot 165


10 10' 1 1/4" Round tubes (VAT Applies)

Lot 166


Qty of used stock fence

Lot 167


2 Rolls of stock fencing

Lot 168


Roll of rabbit fencing

Lot 169
to 170


New roll of chicken wire

Lot 171
to 172


Roll of stock fencing

Lot 173


Roll of barbed wire and new roll of sheep netting (VAT Applies)

Lot 174


Hotline electric fence unit

Lot 175


Qty of electric fence posts, wire etc (VAT Applies)

Lot 176


Ridley Rappa electric fence barrow (VAT Applies)

Lot 177


Qty of electric fencing equipment with wrap wheelbarrow (VAT Applies)

Lot 178


Gate over loop

Lot 179


Roll of barbed wire

Lot 180


Qty of wooden gate hinges etc (VAT Applies)

Lot 181


Poldenvale slide gate and one hurdle (VAT Applies)

Lot 182


20 Harras security fence panels (VAT Applies)

Lot 183


4 Pole stillages (VAT Applies)

Lot 184


4 Metal stillages (VAT Applies)

Lot 185


2 8' Security gates (VAT Applies)

Lot 186


2 3.5m Security gates (VAT Applies)

Lot 187


7 10' x 4' galvanised mesh panels (VAT Applies)

Livestock Equipment

Lot 201


10 6' Galvanised sheep hurdles

Lot 202


6 4' Sheep hurdles

Lot 203


IAE Lamb creep feeder

Lot 204


10' Small hay bale sheep feeder

Lot 205


2 feed troughs, one small and one large

Lot 206


9' Lamb creep feeder on wheels

Lot 207


12' Sheep hay rack on wheels

Lot 208


Poldenvale sheep footbath (VAT Applies)

Lot 209
to 210


5 Sheep troughs

Lot 211


2 9' Square metal sheep feed troughs

Lot 212


2 8' Round metal sheep feed troughs

Lot 213


2 6' Round metal sheep feed troughs

Lot 214


2 5' Round metal sheep feed troughs

Lot 215


2 (6' and 4') round metal sheep feed troughs

Lot 216


8' Ritchie sheep hay rack on wheels

Lot 217


Poldenvale Commodore sheep turn over crate

Lot 218
to 219


IAE lamb creep feeder

Lot 220
to 221


4 sheep troughs

Lot 222


Lamb creep feeder

Lot 223


Wrought iron hayrack

Lot 224


4 Hay racks

Lot 225


Qty of sheep troughs (VAT Applies)

Lot 226
to 227


2 Sheep hay racks (VAT Applies)

Lot 228


Qty of livestock equipment (VAT Applies)

Lot 229


Round bale feeder (VAT Applies)

Lot 230


Galvanised hay rack with trough to suit sheep and calves (VAT Applies)

Lot 231


Small hay bale soaker with drainer (VAT Applies)

Lot 232


15' Sheep gate (VAT Applies)

Lot 233


12' Sheep gate (VAT Applies)

Lot 234


3 6' Sheep gates (VAT Applies)

Lot 235


Sheep race (VAT Applies)

Lot 236
to 237


Round sheep feeder (VAT Applies)

Lot 238
to 239


12' Wooden sheep gate (VAT Applies)

Lot 240


10' Wooden sheep gate (VAT Applies)

Lot 241


2 Wooden sheep troughs (VAT Applies)

Lot 242


Qty of sheep gates (VAT Applies)

Lot 243
to 244


IAE lamb creep feeder (VAT Applies)

Lot 245


Sheep plastic foot bath (VAT Applies)

Lot 246


Sheep fibreglass foot bath (VAT Applies)

Lot 247


Small bale sheep hayrack (VAT Applies)

Lot 248
to 250


Qty of sheep troughs (VAT Applies)

Lot 251


Single lamb adopter (VAT Applies)

Lot 252


Sheep turn over crate (VAT Applies)

Lot 253


Lister electric sheep shearing motor (VAT Applies)

Lot 254


Lamb creep feeder (VAT Applies)

Lot 255


Lamb weighing crate (VAT Applies)

Lot 256


10 Sheep hurdles (VAT Applies)

Lot 257


8' Creep feeder (VAT Applies)

Lot 258


8' Wheeled hay rack (VAT Applies)

Lot 259
to 268


Various sheep and cattle feeders (VAT Applies)

Lot 269


4 10' walk through sheep troughs (VAT Applies)

Lot 270


3' x 10' footbath with guillotine gates (VAT Applies)

Lot 271


10' Wheeled sheep hay rack (VAT Applies)

Lot 272


2 Heavy duty ring feeders (VAT Applies)

Lot 273


Qty of livestock gates/barriers (VAT Applies)

Lot 274


Fixed cattle headstock

Lot 275


2 Cattle barriers

Lot 276


Cattle crush (VAT Applies)

Lot 277


2 Bull pen gates (VAT Applies)

Lot 278


Calf dehorning crate (VAT Applies)

Lot 279
to 280


Cattle footbath (VAT Applies)

Lot 281


Cattle lick heavy duty dispenser (VAT Applies)

Lot 282
to 284


Galvanised 9' cattle barrier with trough and rack - 4'9" high (VAT Applies)

Lot 285


Chicken ark

Lot 286
to 287


Chicken coop

Lot 288


Duck house

Lot 289


2 Bird proof chicken feeders

Lot 290


Selection of chicken feeders

Lot 291


Selection of chicken troughs

Lot 292


Clay pigeon trap

Lot 293


Chicken feeder

Lot 294


5 Galvanised chicken crates

Lot 295


Forsham chicken ark

Lot 296


Extension run for Forsham ark

Lot 297


Chicken feeder

Lot 298


Chicken drinker

Lot 299


5 Metal poultry crates

Lot 300


2 Plastic poultry crates

Lot 301


Chicken run

Lot 302


Eglu chicken house

Lot 303
to 306


Chicken house

Lot 307
to 316


4 Poultry feeders (VAT Applies)

Lot 317
to 319


Maywick gas chick brooders. GWO (VAT Applies)

Lot 320
to 322


3 Automatic poultry drinkers (VAT Applies)

Lot 323


Electric incubator

Lot 324


1250mm x 950mm x 1000mm Hen house

Lot 325


Pig ark

Lot 326


Dog kennel

Lot 327


Dog kennel

Lot 328
to 329


Dog kennel

Lot 330


Galvanised dog kennel (VAT Applies)

Lot 331


2 Rabbit hutches (VAT Applies)

Lot 332


Qty of horse rugs and tack (VAT Applies)

Lot 333


2 2m Plastic cattle troughs

Lot 334
to 335


Plastic water trough

Lot 336


6 Metal auto horse drinkers

Lot 337
to 338


Water trough

Lot 339


Fullwood Darikool stainless steel bulk milk tank (VAT Applies)

Machinery Spares

Lot 361


Pair of MF35 rear wings

Lot 362


MF135 tractor seat

Lot 363


Tractor weight carrier - fits MF tractor

Lot 364


2 Leyland tractor doors

Lot 365


Demolition window guard for Kobelco 13 ton digger

Lot 366


Fordson Major draw bar

Lot 367


Safety frame for a David Brown 885

Lot 368


John Deere draw bar

Lot 369


Digger anti vandal guards

Lot 370


600mm JCB bucket with 45mm pins

Lot 371


Box of Ferguson spares c/w drawbar, levelling box, lift arms etc

Lot 372


Pair of Ferguson hydraulic rams

Lot 373


Qty of David Brown 990 engine parts

Lot 374


TE20 back end

Lot 375


Selection of digger buckets

Lot 376


Fordson Major front bar

Lot 377


Qty of Fordson Major lights

Lot 378


Massey Ferguson front weight frame

Lot 379
to 380


Set of fork lift extensions (VAT Applies)

Lot 381


Sprung tractor seat - fits most makes (VAT Applies)

Lot 382


Sprung tractor seat to fit most makes and models in good condition (VAT Applies)

Lot 383


Pair of new Ford Force footplates (VAT Applies)

Lot 384


3 Top links (VAT Applies)

Lot 385


2 Ford front mud guards (VAT Applies)

Lot 386


3 Hydraulic rams (VAT Applies)

Lot 387


Case tractor front weights

Lot 388


2 Digger quick hitches (VAT Applies)

Lot 389


Hydraulic quick hitch digger (VAT Applies)

Lot 390


Qty of new tractor filters (VAT Applies)

Lot 391


Qty of amber beacons (VAT Applies)

Lot 392


Pair of MF 135 wings (VAT Applies)

Lot 393


MF 135 original seat (VAT Applies)

Lot 394


Set of weld on JCB brackets (VAT Applies)

Lot 396


JCB Q fit telehandler bucket to fit 520-40 or similar (VAT Applies)

Lot 397


JCB Q fit telehandler bucket to fit 524-50 or similar (VAT Applies)

Lot 400


Qty of Vicon Acrobat hay turner tines with bolts

Lot 401


McConnell flail head

Lot 402


Ferguson cultivator and steerage hoe parts

Lot 403


Ferguson Fingerr mower

Lot 404


Ferguson implement spares

Lot 405


4' Rotary hedgecutter head

Lot 406


1/2 Leyland 270 spares

Lot 407


Set of Euro brackets (VAT Applies)

Lot 408


Qty of PTO shafts (VAT Applies)

Lot 409


12 Stud Ferguson trailer wheel

Lot 410


Pair of 12.4 x 28 wheels and grass tyres

Lot 411


Pair of 12.4 x 28 wheels and agri tyres

Lot 412
to 413


Pair of 600 x 16 tractor front wheels

Lot 414


5 7.5 x 16 Land Rover wheels and tyres

Lot 415


2 Ifor Williams trailer wheels and tyres

Lot 416


Qty of 7.50.16 wheels and trailer tyres

Lot 417


Qty of 600 x 16 wheels and trailer tyres

Lot 418


2 165/50/13 Trailer tyres

Lot 419


2 195/50R/15 Car tyres

Lot 420


2 Truck 265/70 - R17 all terrain tyres

Lot 421


5 Wheels to fit Toyato Hilux

Lot 422


2 Front wheels with tyres for Fordson Major

Lot 423


4 Iron wheels to fit a shepherds hut

Lot 424


Full set of MF 7480 tyres

Lot 425


2 Sets of wheels and tyres for Discovery 2

Lot 426


3 Land Rover wheels and tyres

Lot 427


2 3t Digger tracks

Lot 428


2 16.0/70 x 20 AW705 wheels and tyres

Lot 429


4 Tyres on wheels for trailer

Lot 430


Set of wheels for Fordson N

Lot 431


Qty of cast iron wheels

Lot 432


4 JCB 16.9/14-28 wheels

Lot 433


Qty of unused tyres

Lot 434


New 70 R16 wheel and tyre for Discovery

Lot 435
to 436


750-16 Land Rover wheels and tyres

Lot 437


5 85-R16 Land Rover tyres

Lot 438


6.00/16 new tractor tyre

Lot 439


Pair of front 7.50 x 16 period tractor tyres (VAT Applies)

Lot 440


7.50 - 16 tyre and rim (VAT Applies)

Lot 441


Ford 8 stud wheel centre (VAT Applies)

Lot 442


Qty of tractor front tyres

Lot 443


Qty of tractor rear wheels and tyres

Lot 444


Set of 18.4 x 38 dual wheels (VAT Applies)

Lot 445


Massey Ferguson 10 x 28 rear wheel and tyre (VAT Applies)

Lot 446


Qty of tyres (VAT Applies)

Lot 447


4 205 x 80 x R16 Wheels and tyres (VAT Applies)

Lot 448


Set of 16 9R 38 tractor dual wheels (VAT Applies)

Lot 449


2 Kleber 8.3 R44 row crop wheels and tyres (VAT Applies)

Lot 450


2 600/65 R 38 John Deere wheels and tyres (VAT Applies)

Lot 451


Continental 235/60 r18 103v tyre (VAT Applies)

Lot 452


Bridgestone 255/60 r18 112h tyre (VAT Applies)

Lot 453


Continental 225/45 r17 94w tyre (VAT Applies)

Lot 454


2 Continental 265/35 r18 97y tyre (VAT Applies)

Lot 455


Pair of MF 135 rear wheels and tyres (VAT Applies)

Farm Implements And Machinery

Lot 481


12' Perfect topper c/w new gearbox

Lot 482


5' Teagle topper

Lot 483


6' KingKutter paddock topper

Lot 484


6' Topper

Lot 485


6' McConnell Rhino topper

Lot 486


6' Topper

Lot 487


Wessex CR154 topper

Lot 488


Grays roller

Lot 489


9' Port Agri cutlass topper (VAT Applies)

Lot 490


9' Major topper (VAT Applies)

Lot 491
to 492


Loadall pallet forks

Lot 493


Fordson Major loader bars

Lot 494


Hydraulic block grab with rotator

Lot 495


Set of 3pt linkage pallet forks

Lot 496


Massey Ferguson loader and bucket fork (VAT Applies)

Lot 497


Concrete weight block for 3pl

Lot 498


4' Slewtic muck fork

Lot 499


International B275/B250 front loader bracket

Lot 500


Browns post knocker - side adjustment

Lot 501


600mm Mini digger bucket c/w 30mm pins

Lot 502


Buck rake

Lot 503


New Watson tipping transport box

Lot 504


Twose 4' transport box

Lot 505


Parmiter post knocker

Lot 506


Set of pallet forks

Lot 507


8 x 4 Man cage

Lot 508


Large timber grab

Lot 509


Digger bucket headstock

Lot 510


Stocks slug pellet spinner (VAT Applies)

Lot 511


13hp Chipper/shredder

Lot 512


Bomford B54 hedgecutter with electric controls

Lot 513


Kuhn feeder wagon adapted for woodchip

Lot 514


Comeb vegetable inter2row weeder/rotavator

Lot 515


KGD 350M timber winch

Lot 516


Digger bucket

Lot 517


Tractor mounted hydraulic log splitter

Lot 518


Tractor mounted PTO driven Wolf chipper

Lot 519


Wrightrain PTO tractor mounted irrigation pump with suction hose & water meter (VAT Applies)

Lot 520


Wrightrain drawbar PTO trailed irrigation pump with water meter (VAT Applies)

Lot 521


Selection of Wrightrain pipe fittings (VAT Applies)

Lot 522


ROPS safety frame to fit MF35 or early 135 with bolts and brackets (VAT Applies)

Lot 523


Set of bale spikes (VAT Applies)

Lot 524


New snow plough (VAT Applies)

Lot 525


Rear mounted bale spike (VAT Applies)

Lot 526


7' 6" Evans & Reid muck fork with Claas Scorpion brackets (VAT Applies)

Lot 527


3pl Auger (VAT Applies)

Lot 528


3pl Post knocker (VAT Applies)

Lot 529


MX muck grab (VAT Applies)

Lot 530


Tractor log splitter

Lot 531


Push off buckrake (VAT Applies)

Lot 532


Squire 3point mounted big bag lift (VAT Applies)

Lot 533


MF pallet fork (VAT Applies)

Lot 534


6' Twose dung grab (VAT Applies)

Lot 535


Browns round bale squeezer (VAT Applies)

Lot 536


OMG 715 3point mounted fork lift WO (VAT Applies)

Lot 537


1800mm 13T grading bucket (VAT Applies)

Lot 538


Strimech dung fork and grab with JCB fittings (VAT Applies)

Lot 539
to 540


Browns bale spike (VAT Applies)

Lot 541


JCB bucket with pallet forks (VAT Applies)

Lot 542


Browns yard muckscraper (VAT Applies)

Lot 543


Muck grab with Matbro brackets (VAT Applies)

Lot 544


Hiab 345 mounted crane (VAT Applies)

Lot 545


Amazone ZA-M fertiliser spreader (VAT Applies)

Haymaking And Silage Equipment

Lot 561


2.4m Flail mower

Lot 562


Port Agric bat wing flail mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 563


6' Bomford flail mower

Lot 564


ATV trailed flail mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 565


Claas Corto 3100N hay mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 566


Bamlett flail mower GWO (VAT Applies)

Lot 567


Kuhn GMD55 SEL mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 568


Claas Volto 770 tedder

Lot 569


PZ 300 haybob (VAT Applies)

Lot 570


Vicon Acrobat hay turner

Lot 571


PZ Zweegers HS360 hay turner

Lot 572


Fransguard RV390 tedder

Lot 573


Fransgard RU390 hay turner (VAT Applies)

Lot 574


Kuhn GRS 25N Gyrostar hay turner (VAT Applies)

Lot 575


10' Vintage trailed hay rake (VAT Applies)

Lot 576


Khun 4 rota hay turner GWO (VAT Applies)

Lot 577


Vicon 300 hay bob (VAT Applies)

Lot 578


Lely Lotus 300 combi (VAT Applies)

Lot 579


Haybob 360 (VAT Applies)

Lot 580


Claas twin grass rake (VAT Applies)

Lot 581


Fella TS800 twin rotar rake (VAT Applies)

Lot 582


New Holland 253 hay turner with spares (VAT Applies)

Lot 583


International 445 conventional baler, last worked 2019 (VAT Applies)

Lot 584


New Holland 570 baler (VAT Applies)

Lot 585


Massey Ferguson 20 conventional baler (VAT Applies)

Lot 586


Massey Ferguson 124 conventional baler (VAT Applies)

Lot 587


John Deere 550 round baler - uses string (VAT Applies)

Lot 588


New Holland 276 conventional baler - used 2020 (VAT Applies)

Lot 589


Flat 8 bale grab

Lot 590
to 591


2 Spool pack of baler twine

Lot 592


Tanco round bale squeeze with JCB brackets

Lot 593


Browns Flat 8 bale grab

Lot 594


4' Round bale squeeze (VAT Applies)

Lot 595


Flat 8 bale grab (VAT Applies)

Lot 596


2 4' Round bale feeders (VAT Applies)

Lot 597


Browns Flat 8 bale grab (VAT Applies)

Lot 598


Browns Box Profile flat 8 sledge (VAT Applies)

Lot 599


3pl 48 Bale squeezer (VAT Applies)

Lot 600


Browns flat 8 bale grab with pin & cone attachment (VAT Applies)

Lot 601


Browns trailed hydraulic 56 bale carrier (VAT Applies)

Lot 602


Browns flat 8 sledge (VAT Applies)

Lot 603


Round bale silage squeezer (VAT Applies)

Lot 604


Browns bale sledge (VAT Applies)

Lot 605


Browns flat 8 grab (VAT Applies)

Lot 607


Albut bale squeeze (VAT Applies)

Arable Equipment

Lot 621


Mole plough

Lot 622


Chisel plough

Lot 623


Browns mole plough (VAT Applies)

Lot 624
to 625


Massey Ferguson 2 furrow plough

Lot 626


Dowdeswell 4 forrow plough (VAT Applies)

Lot 627


Set of disc harrows

Lot 628


Spring tine cultivator (VAT Applies)

Lot 629


Greenland 4m power harrow GWO (VAT Applies)

Lot 630


Lely 3m power harrow (VAT Applies)

Lot 631


6m Opico grass harrow (VAT Applies)

Lot 632


New Holland 435 disc mower in working order with operators manual

Lot 633


Set of Ferguson disc harrows

Lot 634


Lely tow along spreader

Lot 635


Holder N 1055-1000 L Tree sprayer (VAT Applies)

Lot 636


Hardy 3 point linkage rasberry/vine sprayer

Lot 637


Vicon varispreader

Lot 638


Amazone ZAM fertilizer spreader (VAT Applies)

Lot 639


Krone 6 rotor grass spreader (VAT Applies)

Lot 640


Sulky fertiliser spreader (VAT Applies)

Lot 641


Port Agric ferilizer spreader to fit a quad (VAT Applies)

Lot 643


Fleming 500 fertilizer spreader (VAT Applies)

Lot 644


4.8m Grain auger c/w electric motor (VAT Applies)

Lot 645


5.5m Grain auger c/w eletric motor (VAT Applies)

Lot 646


Set of ring rolls (VAT Applies)

Lot 647


Simba 4m freeflow drill (VAT Applies)

Tractors, Combines




Lot 853


Einhell BS-MS 2112 modelmakers chopsaw - GWO

Lot 854
to 857


5 bags of Woodland woodchip

Lot 858
to 860


Approx 90 plastic mesh tree guards - once used

Lot 861


Various plastic and mesh tree guards - once used

Lot 862
to 865


Smallholders sundries

Lot 866


Ex demo corner sink

Lot 867


Qty of pet cages

Lot 868


Blacksmiths vice

Lot 869


Nuair propane gas heater

Lot 870


Tool chest and tools

Lot 871


Qty of new nuts and bolts

Lot 872


Qty of new nails

Lot 873


Qty of wood screws

Lot 874


Alloy ladder

Lot 875


Tool box and tools

Lot 876


Wheelbarrow and tools

Lot 877


Qty of concrete ornaments

Lot 878


Two steel manhole covers

Lot 879


Qty of electrical fittings

Lot 880


Wooden cable drums with tops as tables

Lot 881


Qty of power saw blades

Lot 882


Qty of garden tools

Lot 883


Qty of packaging materials

Lot 884


Qty of emulsion paint

Lot 885


Wheeled tub and qty of horse tack

Lot 886


Post knocker and chain puller

Lot 887


Tile cutting machine

Lot 888


Qty of used cycles

Lot 889


Flag pole

Lot 890


Metal strong box

Lot 891


2 Buckets of new grease

Lot 892


Qty of damp proof course

Lot 893


3 100mm 8 x 4 sheets of Celotex

Lot 894


Qty of road signs

Lot 895


Extension ladder

Lot 896


Youngman platform

Lot 897


Tipping skip

Lot 898


Forklift shovel

Lot 899


Salt bin

Lot 900


Qty of indian stone and granite setts

Lot 901


Roll of stock fencing

Lot 902


Big bag spreader bar

Lot 903


Bag of drain fittings

Lot 904


Roll of Flexinet and energiser

Lot 905


Bucket of nails

New Tools And Equipment

Lot 906


50 US Pro hose clips (VAT Applies)

Lot 907


30 Paint brushes (VAT Applies)

Lot 908


US Pro 8pc screwdriver set (VAT Applies)

Lot 909


Qty of R clips and split pins (VAT Applies)

Lot 910


Weed slasher Machette (VAT Applies)

Lot 911


100 Puncture patches (VAT Applies)

Lot 912


Bergan pry bar (VAT Applies)

Lot 913


3 Wrecking bars (VAT Applies)

Lot 914


12 pc Drain rod set (VAT Applies)

Lot 915


10 Ratchet straps (VAT Applies)

Lot 916


70 Lynch and bucket pins (VAT Applies)

Lot 917
to 918


5 Brake away cables (VAT Applies)

Lot 919


Bi-Metal hole cutter (VAT Applies)

Lot 920


Spear & Jackson stainless steel fork (VAT Applies)

Lot 921
to 922


2 5 tonne Ratchet straps (VAT Applies)

Lot 923


US Pro 800amp jump leads (VAT Applies)

Lot 924


US Pro battery drop tester (VAT Applies)

Lot 925


Set of guarded LED trailer lights (VAT Applies)

Lot 926


50mm Dual hitch (VAT Applies)

Lot 927


Set of magnetic trailer lights (VAT Applies)

Lot 928


Ribbed jockey wheel (VAT Applies)

Lot 929


4 x 4 Drop hitch plate (VAT Applies)

Lot 930


2000 lb Strap winch (VAT Applies)

Lot 931
to 932


7" 51 Watt LED spot light (VAT Applies)

Lot 933
to 934


Ifor Williams stabilising jack (VAT Applies)

Lot 935


Set of large LED trailer lights (VAT Applies)

Lot 936


14' Tow chain in case (VAT Applies)

Lot 937


2 6 tonne axle stands (VAT Applies)

Lot 938


Mechanics creeper trolley (VAT Applies)

Lot 939


Set of 6' loading ramps (VAT Applies)

Lot 940


4' LED trailer board (VAT Applies)

Lot 941
to 942


US Pro hi-viz air hose (VAT Applies)

Lot 943


Set of 38pc deep impact sockets (VAT Applies)

Lot 944


2 Jumbo allen key sets (VAT Applies)

Lot 945


US Pro brake pad changing kit (VAT Applies)

Lot 946


50pc 3/8 mechanics socket set (VAT Applies)

Lot 947


Set of directional LED trailer lights (VAT Applies)

Lot 948


US Pro hammer 18pc punch and chisel set (VAT Applies)

Lot 949


8pc Jumbo drill bits (VAT Applies)

Lot 950


24" Stilson and 16" water pump pliers (VAT Applies)

Lot 951


Cast iron Ferguson weathervane (VAT Applies)

Lot 952


Cast iron Massey Ferguson sign (VAT Applies)

Lot 953


16pc Car transporter ratchet system (VAT Applies)

Lot 954


48pc Spanner set (VAT Applies)

Lot 955


2 Tractor stabilising chains (VAT Applies)

Lot 956


11 Hole drawbar (VAT Applies)

Lot 957


Euro 8 bracket (VAT Applies)

Lot 958


Switched tractor light and Ford sign (VAT Applies)

Lot 959


2 County signs (VAT Applies)

Lot 960
to 961


36 Watt swivel LED lights (VAT Applies)

Lot 962


8 pc Metric ratchet spanner set (VAT Applies)

Lot 963


Draper 41pc socket set (VAT Applies)

Lot 964


Husqvarne petrol chainsaw (VAT Applies)

Lot 965


Withdrawn (VAT Applies)

Lot 966


Electric chainsaw sharpener (VAT Applies)

Lot 967


Stihl fuel can (VAT Applies)

Lot 968


Combi can with 2 anti spill filters (VAT Applies)

Lot 969


Stihl tool chest (VAT Applies)

Lot 970


Chainsaw helmet (VAT Applies)

Lot 971
to 972


Roll of Stihl 3mm strimmer cord (VAT Applies)

Lot 973


Long reach petrol hedge trimmer (VAT Applies)

Lot 974


48" Stilsons (VAT Applies)

Lot 975


Cast iron cockerel weathervane (VAT Applies)

Lot 976


30 Ltr poultry drinker (VAT Applies)

Lot 977


2 Poultry drinkers (VAT Applies)

Lot 978


Cast iron cockerel (VAT Applies)

Lot 979


Large metal sign (VAT Applies)

Lot 980


Swivel vice (VAT Applies)

Lot 981


Auto darkening welding helmet (VAT Applies)

Lot 982
to 983


20 Extra large gloves (VAT Applies)

Lot 984


10 Magnetic welding arrows (VAT Applies)

Lot 985


2 5kg Packs of 3.2 mm welding rods (VAT Applies)

Lot 986


50 4.5" Cutting discs (VAT Applies)

Lot 987
to 988


Telescopic roller stand (VAT Applies)

Lot 989


10 Wire cup brushes (VAT Applies)

Lot 990


45pc Metric tap and die set (VAT Applies)

Lot 991


28 pc Spanner set (VAT Applies)

Lot 992
to 993


US Pro 25pc HSS drill bit set (VAT Applies)

Lot 994


4 Gear pullers (VAT Applies)

Lot 995


US Pro 50' auto retract air hose (VAT Applies)

Lot 996


US Pro professional tyre inflator (VAT Applies)

Lot 997


5pc Air tool kit (VAT Applies)

Lot 998


Air grease gun and nipples (VAT Applies)

Lot 999


7pc Air grease gun adapter kit (VAT Applies)

Lot 1000


3pc US pro air guns (VAT Applies)

Lot 1001


20 9" cutting discs (VAT Applies)

Lot 1002


16pc Deep impact socket set (VAT Applies)

Lot 1003


9pc Impact reducer set (VAT Applies)

Lot 1004


Hi-lift farm jack (VAT Applies)

Lot 1005


Large WD40 sign (VAT Applies)

Garden Machinery And Equipment

Lot 1006


Lawnflite 756, 38" cut, 12hp ride on mower for spares or repair

Lot 1007


Countax C400 ride on mower - no sweeper, collector or cutter deck

Lot 1008


Ransomes 2250 plus mower

Lot 1009


Lawnflite ride on mower

Lot 1010


Countax ride on mower

Lot 1011


MTD ride on mower

Lot 1012


Westwood T1600H 4wd ride on mower

Lot 1013


Westwood ride on mower

Lot 1014


Lawnflite ride on mower GWO (VAT Applies)

Lot 1015


Ransomes TG3400 gang mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 1016


6 1/2hp Off-Road go-kart GWO

Lot 1031


Honda mower

Lot 1032


Trimax Stealth roller mower

Lot 1033



Lot 1034


Hayter Hunter 54 mower with auto drive c/w grass box

Lot 1035


Mountfield mower with auto drive c/w grass box

Lot 1036


Electric mower

Lot 1037


24" Dennis mower

Lot 1038


30" Dennis mower

Lot 1039


Rotorola mower with Honda GCV160 engine

Lot 1040


Mountfield RM65 mower

Lot 1041


Flymo electric lawnmower GWO

Lot 1042


Mountfield petrol lawnmower

Lot 1043


Honda mower

Lot 1044


Hayter Harrier 48 mower

Lot 1045


Honda mower

Lot 1046


Hayter mower

Lot 1047


Hayter Harrier 56 mower

Lot 1048


Mountfield mower

Lot 1049


Toro mower

Lot 1050


Rotary mower

Lot 1051


Flymo petrol hover mower

Lot 1052


Rotary mower

Lot 1053


Cylinder mower

Lot 1054


Lawnflite Pro mower

Lot 1055
to 1056


Mountfield mower

Lot 1057


Power base mower

Lot 1058


Performance mower

Lot 1059
to 1060


Petrol Flymo mower

Lot 1061


Atco cylinder mower

Lot 1062


Etesia mower

Lot 1063


Honda roller mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 1064


Atco mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 1065


18" Honda Izy self propelled mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 1066


Allen 3 cylinder petrol mower (VAT Applies)

Lot 1067


Howard rotavator

Lot 1068



Lot 1069


Templar Tiller 5hp rotavator

Lot 1070


Vicking tiller

Lot 1071


Howard tractor rotavator

Lot 1072


Small Howard Bantam rotavator

Lot 1073


Howard Gem rotavator

Lot 1074


Viking HB445R rotavator

Lot 1075


Blec turf-seeder

Lot 1076


Honda rotivator

Lot 1077


Kawasaki petrol strimmer, no head runs fine

Lot 1078


McCulloch petrol leaf blower

Lot 1079


Stihl FS460C brushcutter - nearly new

Lot 1079


Clarke petrol engined 8" post hole auger - near new

Lot 1080


JCB strimmer

Lot 1081


Northern industrial strimmer

Lot 1082


Makita 4 stroke leaf blower

Lot 1083


Electric strimmer

Lot 1084


Leaf blower/sucker

Lot 1085


Honda strimmer

Lot 1086
to 1087



Lot 1088


Leaf blower

Lot 1089


Stihl FS220 strimmer with cow horns and harness

Lot 1090


Stihl BR400 leaf blower

Lot 1091


Stihl BR600 leaf blower

Lot 1092


Petrol wheeled strimmer

Lot 1093


Stihl strimmer

Lot 1094


Stihl petrol strimmer

Lot 1095


Petrol strimmer

Lot 1096


Petrol brushcutter

Lot 1097


Echo strimmer

Lot 1098


Stihl strimmer

Lot 1099
to 1100


Petrol blower

Lot 1101


Ryobi strimmer elec start battery to charger

Lot 1102


Echo strimmer

Lot 1103


Various chainsaws and strimmers

Lot 1104


Strimmer GWO (VAT Applies)

Lot 1105


Petrol strimmer (VAT Applies)

Lot 1106
to 1107


Kaaz strimmer (VAT Applies)

Lot 1108


Makita petrol long reach pole hedgecutter

Lot 1109


Petrol hedgecutter

Lot 1110


Extreme hedgecutter

Lot 1111


Stihl HS56C hedgecutter GWO (VAT Applies)

Lot 1112


Echo CS4000 12" chainsaw - GWO

Lot 1113


Husqvarna 266 20" chainsaw - GWO

Lot 1114


Husqvarna 444 chainsaw - GWO

Lot 1115


Husqvarna 51 18" chainsaw

Lot 1116


Long arm chainsaw

Lot 1117


Petrol chainsaw

Lot 1118


Stihl chainsaw

Lot 1119


Husqvarna chainsaw

Lot 1120


Stihl MS181 chainsaw (VAT Applies)

Lot 1121


Double wheel wheelbarrow

Lot 1122


Garden roller (VAT Applies)

Lot 1123


Petrol auger

New Tools And Equipment

Lot 1151


Cast iron Snap-on sign (VAT Applies)

Lot 1152


Snap-on Fuel can (VAT Applies)

Lot 1153


2 Cast iron Landrover signs (VAT Applies)

Lot 1154


Cast iron Landrover weathervane (VAT Applies)

Lot 1155


Cast iron Landrover door bell (VAT Applies)

Lot 1156


Landrover strap chest (VAT Applies)

Lot 1157


Wireless magnetic LED trailer lights (VAT Applies)

Lot 1158
to 1159


20" 126 watt LED light bar (VAT Applies)

Lot 1160


12 volt Reversible 4 x 4 winch (VAT Applies)

Lot 1161


Cast iron "No tresspassing" sign (VAT Applies)

Lot 1162


Cast iron horse weathervane (VAT Applies)

Lot 1163


Cast iron horse doo bell (VAT Applies)

Lot 1164


2 Muck forks (VAT Applies)

Lot 1165


Jumbo feeder (VAT Applies)

Lot 1166


Jumbo wheelbarrow (VAT Applies)

Lot 1167
to 1168


Puncture free wheel (VAT Applies)

Lot 1169
to 1170


10 Electric horse paddock fence stakes (VAT Applies)

Lot 1171


Ash vacuum (VAT Applies)

Lot 1172


Aluminium gun cleaning kit (VAT Applies)

Lot 1173


Metal dog and pheasant (VAT Applies)

Lot 1174


2 Life after death signs (VAT Applies)

Lot 1175


Metal Freddy the Fox (VAT Applies)

Lot 1176


2 Stainless steel bowls (VAT Applies)

Lot 1177


Cast iron James Purdy sign (VAT Applies)

Lot 1178


170Pc Us Pro HSS drill set (VAT Applies)

Lot 1179


Ash vacuum (VAT Applies)

Lot 1180
to 1181


2 Galvanised hay racks (VAT Applies)

Lot 1182


2 Stainless steel buckets (VAT Applies)

Lot 1183
to 1184


20 Electric fence stakes (VAT Applies)

Lot 1185
to 1186


50 watt New generation floodlights (VAT Applies)

Lot 1187


Post hole rammer (VAT Applies)

Lot 1188


Qty of galvanised pig wire fence clips (VAT Applies)

Lot 1189


Scissor post hole digger (VAT Applies)

Lot 1190


Fencing spade (VAT Applies)

Lot 1191


Rubber fencing mallet (VAT Applies)

Lot 1192


Post hole digger and lifter (VAT Applies)

Lot 1193


36" bolt cutters (VAT Applies)

Lot 1194


Wire straining tool (VAT Applies)

Lot 1195


1012 Electrical terminals (VAT Applies)

Lot 1196


2 Multi meters, test cables & access rods (VAT Applies)

Lot 1197


21pc 3/4" Socket set (VAT Applies)

Lot 1198


1 mtr 3/4" power bar (VAT Applies)

Lot 1199


14' Tow chain in case (VAT Applies)

Lot 1200


Various shackles and hooks (VAT Applies)

Lot 1201


Pair of US Pro 800amp jump leads (VAT Applies)

Lot 1202


Husquarvna petrol chainsaw (VAT Applies)

Lot 1203
to 1204


Qty of Stihl 3mm strimmer cord (VAT Applies)

Lot 1205


Cast iron john deere door bell (VAT Applies)

Lot 1205


US Pro axe and log splitter (VAT Applies)

Lot 1206


2 Cast iron John Deere signs (VAT Applies)

Lot 1207


John Deere fuel can (VAT Applies)

Lot 1208


John Deere strap chest (VAT Applies)

Lot 1209


20 Mtr Hose, stand and connectors (VAT Applies)

Lot 1210


2.5 tonne Quick lift jack (VAT Applies)

Lot 1211
to 1212


20 Extra large pairs of gloves (VAT Applies)

Lot 1213
to 1214


1 Mtr Chain and padlock (VAT Applies)

Lot 1215


2 5' Sash clamps (VAT Applies)

Lot 1216


3 Spirit levels (VAT Applies)

Lot 1217


Knapsack sprayer (VAT Applies)

Lot 1218


Cast iron Beware of Dog sign (VAT Applies)

Lot 1219
to 1220


Garden tower (VAT Applies)

Lot 1221


Cast iron Ferguson weathervane (VAT Applies)

Lot 1222


Large cast iron post box with keys (VAT Applies)

Lot 1223


Qty of cast iron vegetable signs (VAT Applies)

Lot 1224


Qty of cast iron salad signs (VAT Applies)

Lot 1225


Cast iron pig (VAT Applies)

Lot 1226


12 Cast iron herb signs (VAT Applies)

Lot 1227


Cast iron Shell sign (VAT Applies)

Lot 1228


Qty of Shell fuel jugs (VAT Applies)

Lot 1229


Flying Scotsman sign (VAT Applies)

Lot 1230


Medium cast iron post box with 2 keys (VAT Applies)

Lot 1231


Galvanised vintage churn (VAT Applies)

Lot 1232


Tractor seat (VAT Applies)

Lot 1233
to 1236


Obelisk (VAT Applies)

Lot 1237
to 1240


Cast iron tractor seat stool (VAT Applies)

Lot 1241
to 1242


Galvanised 3 section planter (VAT Applies)

Lot 1243


3 Sprung planters (VAT Applies)

Lot 1244
to 1245


Kindling buckets (VAT Applies)

Lot 1246
to 1249


Obelisk (VAT Applies)

Lot 1250
to 1257


Half Oak whisky barrels (VAT Applies)

Lot 1258


Whisky barrel (VAT Applies)

Interesting Old Items

Lot 1259


Qty of vintage plough/cultivator spares

Lot 1260


Horse drawn beet lifter

Lot 1261


Horse drawn plough, Ransomes, Ipswich

Lot 1262


Horse drawn potato lifter, Browns, Leighton Buzzard

Lot 1263


Vintage hay rake c/w jacks, tractor drawn crop duster, badges Drake & Fletcher, Maidstone

Lot 1264


Old Ransomes Rapier water pump for restoration

Lot 1265


2 Ride on seats to suit vintage mower

Lot 1266


Vintage Mayfield garden tractor with attachemnts including trailer, plough, cultivator and snow plough

Lot 1267


Handsprayer lance with Villers engine

Workshop Equipment

Lot 1281


2 Heavy duty tow chains

Lot 1282


Mac Alister sliding mitre saw

Lot 1283


Silverline 500w 250kg electric winch/hoist - GWO

Lot 1284


Einhell electric log saw bench - GWO

Lot 1285


650mm x 1600mm x 900mm Metal feed/storage bin with lid

Lot 1286


Draper SDS drill

Lot 1287


AEG cordless drill

Lot 1288


Draper electric pressure washer

Lot 1289


30T Bottle jack

Lot 1290
to 1291


Cement mixer

Lot 1292


Hydraulic log splitter

Lot 1293



Lot 1294


Steel site box

Lot 1295


Hunts roller mill

Lot 1296


PTO saw bench

Lot 1297


PTO gear box

Lot 1298


12v Electric car winch

Lot 1299


2 Honda engines

Lot 1300
to 1301


Roll of wire rope

Lot 1302


Oil tray

Lot 1303



Lot 1304


Leg vice

Lot 1305


2 Five ton axle stands

Lot 1306


2 New wire ropes for 4 x 4 electric winch

Lot 1307


PTO band saw

Lot 1308


Lister table saw bench

Lot 1309


Length of chain (VAT Applies)

Lot 1310


Qty of block & tackle pulleys (VAT Applies)

Lot 1311


Qty of Baldwin filters

Lot 1312
to 1313


Qty of Iveco filters

Lot 1314


Qty of Donaldson filters

Lot 1315


Qty of Perkins filters

Lot 1316
to 1317


Qty of Donaldson filters

Lot 1318


Qty of Kubota filters

Lot 1319


Qty of Perkins filters

Lot 1320


Qty of Donaldson filters

Lot 1321
to 1322


Qty of Perkins filters

Lot 1323


Qty of Donaldson filters

Lot 1324


Qty of diesel filters

Lot 1325


Qty of Donaldson filters

Lot 1326


Qty of filters

Lot 1327


Qty of Stanadyne filters

Lot 1328


Qty of filters

Lot 1329


Qty of tractor lights

Lot 1330


Set of workshop trolleys

Lot 1331


2 Alloy wide ramps

Lot 1332


Log splitter

Lot 1333


Metal shed

Lot 1334


Elliot medium sized milling machine 3PH

Lot 1335


30T Workshop press

Lot 1336


Workshop cabinet

Lot 1337


Man basket

Lot 1338


Bench grinder

Lot 1339


Scaffold tower

Lot 1340


Sack barrow

Lot 1341


Set of 110 volt site leads

Lot 1342


Set of plastic driveway gride

Lot 1343


Sand school leveller

Lot 1344


Qty of towing chains (VAT Applies)

Lot 1345


Qty of lorry ratchet chains (VAT Applies)

Lot 1346


Thermo mobile agalll gas green house heater (VAT Applies)

Lot 1347


Thermo dynamics cutmaster 81 plasma cutter (VAT Applies)

Lot 1348


2 Metal storage boxes (VAT Applies)

Lot 1349


Ingerson Rand single phase compressor

Lot 1350


Silverline 5.5hp 2.2kw generator

Lot 1351


Clark 145 MIG welder

Lot 1352


Clark 210 arc welder

Lot 1353


Sip 63L electric cement mixer

Lot 1354


Oil cooled Arc welder - GWO

Lot 1355


Sealey gas MIG welder

Lot 1356


75kva 3phase Generator

Lot 1357


Lister 3phase generator

Lot 1358


Towable air compressor

Lot 1359


100ltr Petrol air compressor

Lot 1360


Subaru hydraulic pump

Lot 1361


2008 Compare road compressor, no engine

Lot 1362


Mig welder

Lot 1363


Petrol generator

Lot 1364


Mig welder

Lot 1365


Arc welder plus rods and helmet

Lot 1366


240v Cement mixer GWO

Lot 1367


240v Bench grinder GWO

Lot 1368


Thwaites 3cyl Yanmar engine

Lot 1369


Robyn 5.5hp petrol hydrovain compressor

Lot 1370


Inverta 150amp stick welder

Lot 1371


Small electric air compressor

Lot 1372


Large electric air compressor

Lot 1373


110 volt site tranformer

Lot 1374


Single phase workshop compressor (VAT Applies)

Lot 1375


180amp Oil cooled welder on trolley (VAT Applies)

Lot 1376


Generator (VAT Applies)

Lot 1377


Ingersoll Rand trailed compressor (VAT Applies)

Lot 1378


Power Mole trailed compressor (VAT Applies)

Lot 1379


Hydrovane HV04 3HP compressor (VAT Applies)

Lot 1380


SIP 140 240V Welder (VAT Applies)

Lot 1381


Qty of road compressor air hose (VAT Applies)

Lot 1384


Sand blaster

Lot 1385


240v Tyre machine

Lot 1386


Long trolley jack

Lot 1387


Petrol post knocker

Lot 1388


Set of man hole lifters

Lot 1389


Pallet truck

Lot 1390


Saw bench

Lot 1391


Cundy manual chestnut peeler, starts and runs well (VAT Applies)

Lot 1392


MF saw bench, PTO belt and pulley (VAT Applies)

Lot 1393


Qty of hazard lights

Lot 1394


Qty of lorry straps

Lot 1395


Box of new large lorry straps

Lot 1396


JCB hydraulic breaker and gun - Terex Honda

Lot 1397


JCB hydraulic breaker and gun - JCB Honda

Lot 1398


12 Chisel/points

Lot 1399


Tirfor winch - 2 cables

Lot 1400


Box of DeWalt 18v tools including drills, saw, lamps etc

Lot 1401


Wagner paint sprayer GWO

Lot 1402


JCB 8t quick hitch

Lot 1403


Harrison 3 jaw lathe chuck

Lot 1404


2 Trailer wheel arches

Lot 1405


Kango electric breaker

Lot 1406


Kango electric breaker with box

Lot 1407


Kango breaker (VAT Applies)

Lot 1408


1000ltr Plastic tank in steel cage

Lot 1409


Diesel tank

Lot 1410
to 1414


2 IBC tanks

Lot 1415


2 Small galvanised water tanks (VAT Applies)

Lot 1416


Large galvanised water tank (VAT Applies)

Lot 1417


1000ltr IBC tank

Lot 1418


Water tank

Lot 1419


Galvanised water tank

Lot 1420


Petrol fuel pump - used

Lot 1421


Petrol fuel pump - boxed and unused

Lot 1422


Bunded fuel tank (VAT Applies)

Lot 1423
to 1427


4 200ltr Water barrels (VAT Applies)

Lot 1428
to 1432


10 IBC 1080ltr water cubes (VAT Applies)

Lot 1433


450l Fuel bowser (VAT Applies)

Lot 1434


1200l oil tank (VAT Applies)

Lot 1435


Galvanised riveted water tank (VAT Applies)

Lot 1436


Galvanised water carrier (VAT Applies)

Lot 1437


220ltr 12v Adblue refuelling tank mounted on a trailer (VAT Applies)

Lot 1438


500 Gallon diesel tank (VAT Applies)

Lot 1439
to 1442


IBC container (VAT Applies)

Lot 1443


Diesel tank (VAT Applies)

Lot 1444


1200ltr Black barrels for liquid feed for cattle (VAT Applies)

Lot 1445


1000ltr Steel water bowser (VAT Applies)

Lot 1446


2000ltr Stainless steel water bowser (VAT Applies)

Lot 1447


Samson 3200kg hand wire rope winch, snatch block, strops and shackles

Lot 1448


Heavy metal tool box


Lot 1471


Tree pusher

Lot 1472



Lot 1473


Gun cabinet with keys

Lot 1474


Garden swing chair

Lot 1475


Clay pigeon trap

Lot 1476


Tar pot plus tar and paraffin boiler

Lot 1477


Galvanised water tank

Lot 1478


Qty of plastic water butts

Lot 1479


3 Boxes assorted hand tools

Lot 1480


2 Boxes assorted screws/brushes

Lot 1481


2 10 Gallon milk churns

Lot 1482


Wooden step ladder

Lot 1483


Double metal feed bin

Lot 1484


Qty of sea fishing weights

Lot 1485


50 Ferret nets

Lot 1486


Tackle box of fresh water gear

Lot 1487


Qty of tools

Lot 1488


Qty of garden tools

Lot 1489


Dog cage

Lot 1490


Fridge freezer and kitchen items

Lot 1491


Pressure washer

Lot 1492


Qty of dog bowls

Lot 1493


2 Camouflage nets and decoys

Lot 1494


Qty of hanging baskets

Lot 1495
to 1496


Qty of cast iron bench ends

Lot 1497


Box of old tools etc

Lot 1498
to 1499


Qty of old flagons

Lot 1500


Qty of old victorian/edwardian cream jugs and earthenware

Lot 1501
to 1502


Set of vintage weighing scales

Lot 1503


Qty of galvanised buckets etc

Lot 1504


Qty of enamel buckets

Lot 1505


Qty of flat irons

Lot 1506


Qty of flat irons and shoe lasts

Lot 1507


3 Wheel barrows

Lot 1508


Qty of old chimney pots

Lot 1509


Small cast iron fire back and cast iron fireplace

Lot 1510


Large qty of clay flower pots

Lot 1511


Large qty of plastic flower pots

Lot 1512
to 1513


2 Ornamental gates

Lot 1514


2 Potato forks (VAT Applies)

Lot 1515


2 Pitch forks (VAT Applies)

Lot 1516


36' x 12' Galvanised pole marque

Lot 1517


2 Vintage retro café tables

Lot 1518


Vintage Covent Garden sack barrow

Lot 1519


2 Supermarket mobile cages

Lot 1520


Qty of general paint

Lot 1521


Qty of fire extinguishers

Lot 1522


Victorian vintage sack weighing scales

Lot 1523


3500 Braked trailer hitch

Lot 1524


Vintage Covent Garden sack barrow

Lot 1525
to 1527



Lot 1528


Qty of farm radios

Lot 1529



Lot 1530


New wind out canopy

Lot 1531


Log store

Lot 1532


Park bench

Lot 1533


Qty of baiting and trapping tunnels

Lot 1534


Qty of stock fencing

Lot 1535


Galvanised bath, watering can and alumminium urn

Lot 1536


Length of chain

Lot 1537


3m Stainless steel flue liner

Lot 1538


14m Water pipe

Lot 1539


Qty of iron weights

Lot 1540


Sand blaster

Lot 1541


Qty of 20mm rope

Lot 1542


14 Bent strap ties

Lot 1543


Boxing punch bag

Lot 1544


300mm Otec D20T standard cutting disc

Lot 1545


20m x 25mm Length of mooring/tow rope

Lot 1546


1/2 Box of strawberry punnets

Lot 1547


Qty of plastic seed trays

Lot 1548


5 Lengths of grey plastic guttering and fittings

Lot 1549


Qty of motors and switch gear

Lot 1550


2 Childs bicycles

Lot 1551


60 Sheets of used corrugated tin

Lot 1552


6 Bushsel boxes

Lot 1553


6 1/2 Bushsel boxes

Lot 1554


4 8' Sliding wardrobe doors c/w tracking

Lot 1555



Lot 1556
to 1557


Old tougne & groove door

Lot 1558


Honda power washer

Lot 1559


Set of steps

Lot 1560


Gun cabinet with keys

Lot 1561


Soil sample test kit

Lot 1562


Pallet truck

Lot 1563
to 1564


Water butt

Lot 1565


Qty of heavy duty drain channels

Lot 1566


Rolling camping water container

Lot 1567


Caravan awning

Lot 1568


Trailer stand

Lot 1569


Mini stable

Lot 1570
to 1571


Fire back

Lot 1572


Qty of industrial DPC

Lot 1573


Pack of 100 Thermolite blocks

Lot 1574


Qty of Celcon blocks

Lot 1575


2 Boxes of roofing nails etc

Lot 1576


Booster jump pack

Lot 1577


2 Jerry cans

Lot 1578


2 Fire dogs

Lot 1579


2 Push bicycles

Lot 1580


Box of sundries

Lot 1581


Coil of rope

Lot 1582


500m Coil of rope

Lot 1583


500m Length of rope

Lot 1584


Coil of rope

Lot 1585


5 Ratchet straps

Lot 1586


5 Used ratchet straps

Lot 1587


Qty of Rasberry hoops

Lot 1588


Pair of axle stands

Lot 1589


Qty of Cherry hoops, 1 net and rain cover

Lot 1590


Sundry horse tack and rugs

Lot 1591


1x Anti-roll surcinlge

Lot 1592


Various veterinary tools

Lot 1593


2 Belfast sinks

Lot 1594


Fruit juice containers (VAT Applies)

Lot 1595


Old cattle water trough for planter (VAT Applies)

Lot 1596


Front door (VAT Applies)

Lot 1597


2 Wooden doors (VAT Applies)

Lot 1598


4 Shower trays (VAT Applies)

Lot 1599


Qty of empty metal drums (VAT Applies)

Lot 1600


Demountable 4m x 2.1m galvanised container (VAT Applies)

Lot 1601


Metal waste tank (VAT Applies)

Lot 1602


4 Basin cold water hand wash station (VAT Applies)

Lot 1603


2 Basin cold water hand wash station (VAT Applies)

Lot 1604


Electric poly shower (VAT Applies)

Lot 1605


Gas poly shower (VAT Applies)

Lot 1606


Qty of metal gates (VAT Applies)

Lot 1607


Qty of metal cladding (VAT Applies)

Lot 1608


2 Plastic storage boxes (VAT Applies)

Lot 1609
to 1610


Qty of tower scaffolding (VAT Applies)

Lot 1611


30 Hessian sacks with sisle ties (VAT Applies)

Lot 1612


Qty of plastic 4 way pallets (VAT Applies)

Lot 1613


Old butler sink (VAT Applies)

Lot 1614


2 Dining room tables (VAT Applies)

Lot 1615


2 Chairs (VAT Applies)

Lot 1616


2 Tea chests (VAT Applies)

Lot 1617


Iron stove (VAT Applies)

Lot 1618


Old corner cupboard (VAT Applies)

Lot 1619


Architects table (VAT Applies)

Lot 1620


Kitchen cupboard (VAT Applies)

Lot 1621


Qty of plastic crates (VAT Applies)

Lot 1622


Pedestal basin (VAT Applies)

Lot 1623


Qty of insulated flue (VAT Applies)

Lot 1624


Qty of hand tools (VAT Applies)

Lot 1625


Motorbike cover (VAT Applies)

Lot 1626


Iron wheels on axles (VAT Applies)

Lot 1627


2 Mobility scooters (VAT Applies)

Lot 1628


Set of Avery scales (VAT Applies)

Lot 1629


ProPower petrol pressure washer (VAT Applies)