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Help for Tenants with Emergencies

Help for Tenants with Emergencies when our offices are closed

Please refer to the note regarding what is considered an emergency

General Advice

If you experience an emergency while our offices are closed, you will need to instruct a contractor yourself. You may have to pay the contractor at the time of his visit.

These costs will be reimbursed providing the following guidelines are adhered to:

For plumbing/heating issues please try Paul Masterson in the first instance on 07909 995794. For locks, Prospect Locks on 07860 771439. Mention that you are a Hobbs Parker Residential Lettings tenant. Should the appropriate contractor be unavailable, or for other issues, please use an alternative, local contractor. Many can be found in The Yellow Pages.

Please note this is in the case of emergency only. A repair is only an emergency if the health or safety of the tenant is in danger or if the building or property is at risk.

Examples of Emergencies

Major leaks in pipes or roofs
Boiler fault resulting in no heating where the outside temperature is below 10 degrees
Malfunctioning electrics
Broken locks/doors/windows resulting in the property being unable to be secured

Examples of Non-Emergencies

Broken oven
Lost keys
Shower not working
Blocked toilet (as a tenant it is your responsibility to keep drains free of blockages)

If possible, please send us an email as soon as the problem arises, and with any updates as they unfold, to demelza.shorter@hobbsparker.co.uk


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