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Coronavirus – Viewing Protocol and Precautions

It is essential that all viewings are conducted strictly in accordance with this guidance please.

At Hobbs Parker the safety of our staff and clients is our first priority.

It is essential that we all adopt procedures to ensure that the risk of spread of Coronavirus is minimised. Please read these notes carefully and in full.

Instructions for viewers

  • If any member of the viewer’s household is showing or has recently shown any symptoms of Coronavirus, is self-isolating, or is shielding then the viewing will not take place.
  • Physical viewings are limited to two members of the same household. Children may not attend viewings.
  • When viewing properties, you should not touch any surfaces, furniture, appliances, fixtures, fittings, light switches or door handles. If you do touch anything inadvertently please let the viewing agent know so that these areas can then be sanitised.
  • You must wash your hands upon entering and leaving the property. Please bring your own hand sanitiser.
  • We request that you wear your own personal protective equipment which should include a face mask or covering and gloves. These should only be removed when you have left the property and you should dispose of these safely in your own home.
  • Please make sure you maintain safe social distancing (6 feet or 2 metres) at all times.
  • If you have questions that arise from the viewing, please contact us by phone or email after the viewing and we will get answers for you.
  • We ask that the viewing be as brief as possible and lasts no longer than 20 minutes.

Requirements for property owners (vendors and landlords)

  • If any member of the household is showing symptoms of Coronavirus or is self-isolating then the viewing should not take place.
  • Please make sure the house has been well ventilated before the viewing takes place.
  • Before viewers are shown around your home, you should open all internal doors.
  • Make a basin available for handwashing.
  • After the viewing please clean surfaces, such as door handles, with standard household cleaning products.
  • Most people owners vacate their property whilst viewings are taking place. This minimises your contact with those not in your household. If you are going to be present in the property, we recommend that you wear your own personal protective equipment.
  • Please do not engage in lengthy conversations with the viewers, we will deal with questions from viewers by phone or email after the viewing.