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Car Auctions Intel Videos

Valuable insights from our auctioneers into the world of car auctions for professionals working in the new and used-car businesses

Jon Chapman

Jon Chapman
MD and Auctioneer

We've started to publish a selection of my thoughts and those of my colleagues which we hope will be useful to other professionals in the used-car business

Get these 3 things right to get the best price – 30 January 2020

Jon Chapman offers 3 simple tips to help our trade vendors achieve the best price when selling vehicles by auction.

The ‘Boris Bounce’ and the used-car trade – 6 January 2020

Jon Chapman discusses the impact of the election results on supply and demand in the used-car marketplace.

Car Auction Prices v CAP Clean – 5 December 2019

Jon Chapman discusses the relationship between ‘CAP Clean’ car prices and the sale prices achieved at our auction held on 2 December 2019 where we sold a special consignment of retail-ready cars on behalf of a national finance company.

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