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Car Auctions Intel

Strictly Restricted Information

For the Directors, Dealer-Principals and Senior Managers of Car Dealerships in the South East only

Jon Chapman

Jon Chapman
MD and Auctioneer

I will send you valuable insights into demand and pricing for used cars in the South East
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Starting soon, I will be sending a regular monthly bulletin to a small selection of approved owners, dealer-principals and senior managers from the South East’s leading franchised dealerships.

Each bulletin will be just a couple of paragraphs.

Short enough to read in a minute or two but featuring valuable insights into the car auctions business and the used car trade including:

  • A summary of volumes, demand and prices during the past month
  • My predictions on stock numbers, demand and pricing for the following month
  • An insight into any particular trends we have seen or anticipate going forward

Please keep an eye on your inbox for your invitation.

If you have not received an invitation and you would like to us to consider including you in this valuable new information service please complete this quick form.

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