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4WD, Diesel and MPV Vehicle Auctions

We have a regular programme of special Four Wheel Drive and Diesel Auctions. These are held every other month usually on the first Wednesday of the month. These sales take place alongside our General Car Auction.
Support for and attendance at these sales has been exceptional. We present up to 220 cars for sale and the auctions are attended by as many as 500 buyers.

Entries Invited

Entries are now being invited for our next 4WD, Diesel and MPV Vehicle auction. We anticipate an entry in excess of 100 cars including many of today’s latest and most popular models.

Sales are widely publicised and well attended assuring a high conversion and impressive sales prices.

Although entries will be accepted upto and including the day of sale, early booking is recommended to ensure maximum coverage.

Contact Jon Chapman, Jon Rossiter or James Johnson

Evenings and weekends 07798 768074

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Jon Chapman

Jon Chapman
MD and Auctioneer